By Anonymous - 11/9/2020 15:02 - United States - Boise


Today, I pulled over because my cell phone was ringing, as it's now illegal to use in a car. I finished the call when a motorcycle cop on side of road pulls up behind me and comes over. The reason? "You pulled off the road and it was suspicious, then I ran your plate…" FML
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What did they do that was illegal? Their phone rang, so they pulled over. They weren’t on the phone while driving, which is what’s illegal. Sounds like their activities were fully legal.

  red6joker  |  7

Did the op say he or his was searched? the 4th amendment is only in relation to illigel searches, with out a probable cause. if they have probable cause they don't need to ask permission, only without probable cause do they ask permission. Even then a lot of people give it anyways.

  Kraths  |  16

Cops have the right to search anything within plain view, meaning they can search your trash if it's out by the dumpster. Plain view can also give probable cause if they see something within your domicile that rises concerns. license plates are, at least in the US, run almost anytime a cop is behind you and flagged if something comes up.

  Brightside86  |  23

I think cops are inclined to investigate why people suddenly pull over. Though I wonder if people are pulling over more often now due to phone calls. OP should get bluetooth.