By Karate Kid - 25/05/2012 06:29 - Australia - Surry Hills

Today, I was showing some new karate moves in the park to my friends. I mimed a punch behind a girl walking past to show my technique and control, but she must have seen me. She turned around and kicked me in the stomach. To add insult to injury, her technique was better than mine. FML
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Sinamoi 18

Something tells me that you aren't the chosen one...

don't mind me as i use my special technique to click the YDI button


Sinamoi 18

Something tells me that you aren't the chosen one...

Your technique and control obviously fell short of observation skills when you tried to demonstrate a punch on someone walking by a huge mirror. (I know OP doesn't say window/mirror/etc, but it's funny)

#46 #1's technique fell short or ops? IF you're talking to #1 you're not making sense. If you're talking to OP, you're thread jacking.

53- he's talking to OP and 97.5% percent of people here thread jacks. No one really cares anymore.

Yeah I take it you are not a black belt.

blondebrunette11 4

Maybe this is the past Poo. From Kung Fu Panda.

OP is tiny grasshopper

Nothing as profound as a choosen one. Sponge Bob just met Sandy.

He's more like the chosen idiot

89.3% of statistics are made up on the spot.

GovernorGeneral 8

Should've punched her for real for all the good faking did.

That's what you got for showing off! YDI

hthelittleone 10

Yeah, I could understand miming moves on one of his friends, but a random girl? Well deserved.

fishereric 1

He deserves it twice. One for being stupid and one for sucking at karate.

I guess you need to work on your technique and control....

I think he needs to work more on his blocking

zuzupetalsYO 11

I think he needs to work on not being in public as much.

BradTheBrony 19

#33 I don't know why, but your comment reminded me of TFS Abridged! Freeza: The difference between you and I is, YOU can punch a board, and it will break. I can punch a board and wipe out its entire race. Goku: But can you block? Freeza: ... I'm going to drown you. I'm going to drown you like a sack of dumb puppies!

don't mind me as i use my special technique to click the YDI button

Excellent form on that left click young one! Soon to be sensei you are.

Teach me your ways.

Yea, Miyagi is gonna have you painting fences again before you know it.

tHeDaRkNeSs006 10

Looks like OP will be "waxing off" for awhile.

That's what Op gets for messing with Ranma chan.

what I'd give to witness that scene ;)

tony1891 22

well at least she kicked you in the stomach and not in the nuts.

BunBunBabe 8

Right? Or stopped after one kick..

That is oh so very true. I know where I would have hit him!(:

Time to go back to your mothers basement and work more on your form.

In Australia, we don't have basements. Even if some houses here do, which there are, it's a very small percentage of them. I've owned a house with a basement yet.

54's fact of the day

55 you mean useless fact of the day

It needed to be said, whenever comments like that are made about Australians it does make the commenter look a little stupid.

54- okay, so you DON'T have basements.... But then again, you do? Hmm. "I've owned a house with a basement yet" --does that mean you have or haven't owned a house with a basement. I'm a little confused. Not just by whether or not you've owned a house with a basement, but by your whole comment overall. :/

They're basically saying basements are extremely uncommon. They are found more in businesses than homes, and honestly I've never seen or know of anyone who has one here. It's pretty straight forward.

You must refine your technique, young warrior.

Roundhouse to the gut! Owned!