By JohnFarrell - 24/4/2009 17:20 - United States
Today, I was at the gym when I saw one of my friends at the water fountain. I went over and gave him a man ass slap while he was drinking. It wasn't my friend. I now have a black eye. FML
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By  kwbuzz23wk  |  0

you are in a gym... most guys are pumped from the weights and half want you to know they can kick your ass, so don't touch theirs

and i still dont understand how you can confuse a friend in a situation like that, although it happens a lot from what i understand

By  anglcdvl89  |  0

Doesn't it seem like nobody knows what their friends look like anymore? Lately a lot of FMLs are about mistaken identities. Now it's just not that that funny anymore.

And the only time it's acceptable for a guy to slap another guy's ass is if they're playing on the same team (i.e. basketball team, baseball team, etc.)