By anonymous - 05/01/2013 16:16 - United States

Today, I started charging my phone in the car during a family road trip. The car recognized my iPhone as an MP3 player and started playing the audio from the porn video I watched before we left. Everybody heard. FML
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It's hard rock that makes you rock hard! Hehe

For your sake I hope it wasn't tentacle porn....


ya dun goofed

Consequences will never be the same!

Don't worry guys, I've notified the CyberPolice.

I've backtrraced the address too! on a sidenote, is that little girl still online or did she learn her lesson?

Apparently she's a boy now.

nevershouttami 11

She's back on the internet, she goes by Damien now.

May I ask what girl we are talking about?

TellMeWhatsDeath 14

^^Jessi Slaughter. well I hope..

Notifying the cyber police of what? What little girl? And who left this banana on my desk? All this and more, next time on: The Internet! No but seriously, can someone explain? :O

Nevermind, the memories came back to me. I understand it all now. Watching that video again and laughing my ass off.

will3232 3

I too am very confused about all this... Anyone want to explain.

seriouslythat 6

When did jessi slaughter become a boy? I mean she always looked kind of like a guy but still

Well what kind of porn was it

MentalHelpNeeded 5

Is that really necessary to know?

It was Siri going "Oh yes, please, more, you sexy beast. MORE!"

I'm pretty sure even if it was the most fucked up stuff in the world Op wouldn't have left his phone in long enough for them to find out.. It'd just be the usual screaming or something, maybe a little dirty talk but I doubt it was all "SHIT ON MY FACE AND RAPE ME." That would be pretty awkward.

22 Pfft that's a light conversation. Totally not awkward at all! /sarcasm..

"There is an awful lot of moaning, humming and farting." "it's called porn step dad, crank up the base."

Air plane noises?

Can you blame me I am an 18 year old lesbian I watch porn

Does anyone really care about your age or sexuality?

It was cake farts.

I could stand to hear a little more.

Hey tourettesguy, isn't iPorn masturbation?

@#40 porn step? Is that like dubstep mashed up with fluffertrax?

71: What are you trying to do, advertise yourself? xD Nobody on here particularly cares about your age, sexuality or porn-viewing habits. You don't see many guys going "What porn was it? I'm a 20 year old heterosexual man! I watch porn :3" do you?

hi 128. I am a 18 year old heterosexual male. I watch porn, do you?

@19: Siri is male in the UK (where I am, not the op) *grabs the mind bleach*

I'm wondering what the hell is going on in your profile picture, 2

19- Siri you naughty, naughty girl.... ;D

Haha no just said that to see the reaction I am plenty taken

136) You forgot the ":3"

It's hard rock that makes you rock hard! Hehe

I seriously live in fear about that happening

Then close out of your apps! Or whatever the Android folks call them...

111-totally agree on that one.. I was wondering if this kind of thing happens to anyone but LOL I guess it does

CallMeMcFeelii 13

This fml reminded me of when I used my friends iPod touch and went on the web only to be greeted by 8 pages of cartoon porn. Needless to say I don't talk to that kid anymore.. People need to learn to keep a safe page. I always have google loaded up just for that reason.

For your sake I hope it wasn't tentacle porn....

Ursula and The Kraken tag teaming Ariel.... Hawt!

HairyPunisher 27


11, he's taking about Hentai

Rape porn would have been bad too

onorexveritas 23

she never saw it coming

Nothing wrong with hentai.

I take it #118 that you like to jack it to Ariel getting tag teamed?

Or maybe he just doesn't kink shame.

The Little Mermaid isn't even anime.

Oh I hope it was a good porn and bowchickawow

^Not sure if making porn noises or what not.

MentalHelpNeeded 5

At least you don't have some weird fetish, otherwise it would sound really fucked up.

Who says he doesn't have some weird fetish?

OhDearBetrayal 25

That depends, is a rape gang bang considered a "weird fetish"?

Is there a such thing as a fetish that is not weird?

Well just say it starts with porn as a joke and gets into the song, unless you're a bad liar and now you are a horny lying bastard..

Great idea! Lemme grab my time machine so we can go back a few days ago to when this actually happened so we can change it.

Op probably should have kept it on and started singing to it

At least it wasn't really bad music. Honestly, I'd be less concerned if a family member watched porn as opposed to listening to Cher Lloyd.

Yes, especially Coldplay *shudders*

onorexveritas 23


laya_fml 26

What about porn to Cher Lloyd?

No Justin bieber is worse

CharresBarkrey 15

Coldplay is the worst.

How could any of you have forgotten Nickelback? Nickelback is definitely the worst out of all of these.

This could finally answer their question of "Is our son gay?"

Unless it was gay porn

58. That would still answer the question.

at least you'll have a quiet car ride now.

OhDearBetrayal 25

I doubt it would be very quiet if his parents are strict.