By Sad nerd - 05/01/2013 17:09 - United Kingdom - Ringwood

Today, I got an offer to study at a good university. My father has been pushing me to apply for years, so I ecstatically broke the news. Instead of congratulating me, he just grunted and delivered the more important news that he's divorcing my mum. Moment ruined. FML
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What a great way to ruin a moment... I'd flip

Congratulations OP. Hang in there, and don't let their problems over shadow your success!


What a great way to ruin a moment... I'd flip

Noor- Because nothing says "**** you, dad!" like impromptu somersaults!

Oh phew, thanks for pointing that out, #36! I wasn't sure, after reading where the FML entry came from and all, so you sure cleared that up for me!

^ Oh I didn't realize there was that feature. My deepest apologies. I was right either way though.. :)

Sounds more like time to go to court most states require tuition of children whose parents are divorced to split it in 3

ruin a moment? Is OP seriously more upset about having her "moment" ruined than about her parents' divorce?? Priorities way out here.

Congratulations OP. Hang in there, and don't let their problems over shadow your success!

Exactly! That's an absolutely amazing feat!!!! Be proud OP. I'm happy for you!

Your going to your dream college and who knows witho

*with time everything could work out. Sorry for commenting twice I accidentally hit validate early.

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Yay for more college money since they aren't together!

Ouch. Well theres always the bitter sweet just look for the good.

I really hope this won't affect if you can go there or not..

I don't know why you're getting thumbed down, but I agree with you. The divorce shouldn't affect if OP goes or not.

Hopefully not, but OP's parents may not be financially stable after the divorce.

OP can qualify for aid. I'm going through the same thing.

Life's a bitch, and, apparently, so is your dad.

Maybe OP's mom is too, her dad has to have some reason for divorcing her.

I think OP's dad is a bitch for breaking such terrible news right after she told him something good.

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Aw I'm sorry, Op :( congrats though!!

Well damn you get accepted he divorces your mom.. I'm curious as to what he would have done if you had been denied...

This is the second FML today to end in moment ruined. I wonder if there's a connection...

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Someone must be running around ruining moments.

OP's dad must be a busy man, if he already has another girlfriend. Too bad she doesn't like the planes.

I was looking around for a comment that said this! Haha that's awesome

Congratulations OP, that's amazing for you! Let's celebrate your success and forget everything else for a while.

Congratulations OP! Sorry about that but at least you have the happy news to get through it!