By Anonymous - 14/06/2014 21:32 - United States - Grand Prairie

Today, I was using my phone while in a crowded waiting room, and I accidentally tapped on a YouTube video with the volume still at maximum. The first words everyone heard? "Fuck her right in the pussy!" FML
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Always check your volume before going on YouTube in public

FrancesShiver 20

Wise words from Fred.


Always check your volume before going on YouTube in public

I once was in public and I forgot I was watching a horror movie, so the first words were, "NO STOP, PLEASE!" So I feel OP's pain

gjikvtj 18

Maybe #1 helped a nearby sexually interested couple and #15 stopped a nearby beating of some sort

gjikvtj 18

Damn it not #1, I meant OP

EphMi 5

don't feel bad OP, i am sure everyone in that room has seen worse on the internet.

36 Your picture is driving me insane!

Why does nobody understand that he ACCIDENTALLY went on YouTube?

#89 He didn't accidentally go on YouTube, he accidentally clicked on a video. Still not really the OP's fault but it makes me wonder what kind of video he was searching lol

Nvm, just noticed the posts below on the video with the reporter. No more wondering.

if he knew that utube gona open he would definitly slower down the volume.

Nick_Corso 17


um, there are random youtube videos on things like facebook and whatnot, so NO it doesng mean he was on youtube, common people...

78, it would drive people more insane if that user changes the black pixel to a grey one. Heads up, 36

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If you haven't been on YouTube to get this reference... I think we all should be questioning what kind of websites you've been going on.

Why should you been questioning him? It is his/her life.

Why should I been questioning him? Um sorry do you mean why should I be questioning him? If that's the case, given the context of the post others would assume that the original poster was on an 18+ website just as #2 did by using sarcasm with the 'sure'. It's questionable, therefore one would question it?? Yes it's their own life just as your life is your own, I'm pretty sure everyone should know that each has their own life by now... If not, that's also questionable lol.

Honestly #30, #21's post made more sense than yours. I read it three times, and I still can't understand what point you're trying to make. The assumption people will make of a person accidentally watching porn in a silent waiting room is hilarious. That is what makes FML so much fun.

gjikvtj 18

But it was a long paragraph, Welshite. That automatically means they are wise and freethinking

If it took you three times to read what I put including the fact that you find watching porn in a silent room is hilarious.. I can tell a lot about what kind of person you are.

Welshite doesn't even cuss. That alone leads me to believe he is more intelligent than you.

Demig0d6 14

Or was it redtube

#46 - Wait, wait, wait. How does not cursing make someone smarter? o_O

michael_shaqson 5

lol 46 welshite called that breast milk guy's dad a bastard not long ago, your eyes must be real close to his ass not to have noticed that

Haha really? You're questioning YouTube? I was questioning "accidentally."

#30,This is me righting a long paragraph just to prove I am a fucking genius. I write long words like hocus-pocus and am already getting a Noble prize. Please excuse me while I go have tea with Morgan Freeman now. Once again pointing out just because I wrote a long speech I am a fucking beautiful genius!

46 does have a point guys. cursing does more often than not make you look naive and ignorant. there are so many more scholarly words that you can use instead of "fuck" and "ass" although its not a criteria for being "smart"

There's a YouTube video with a news reporter where this random guy steals her mike and yells that phrase.

llamaslikesoda 21

#87, Actually (in my opinion) swearing just means you have a larger vocabulary and a free mind. I'm not saying go around swearing at 12 year olds, but it's not a sin.

97 Saying a few four letter, commonly used words to express anger or excitement shows less intelligence and a much more limited vocabulary than more creative and expressive words that are better suited for a situation. Swears are normally words that are shared with the vast majority of the population. If your doctor said "Fuck, this isn't good. I have some shitty news for you." you probably wouldn't be entirely confident in his intelligence and abilities.

DaMann360 19

I think the whole concept of "cussing" is stupid. Swear words are just synonyms for other words. What makes one synonym worse than another? Take "fast" for instance. Swearing is like making "quick" a bad word. They are synonyms, why is it a big deal? They mean the same thing! Just like "ass" is a synonym for "butt". Since they are synonyms, might as well make "butt" a bad word to. That's why I use what you call "cuss words." They are just synonyms and who ever declared them "bad" is stupid. What makes them bad, huh? I have yet to find a legit explaination. If you are religious (like I am), God says not to take "the Lord's name in vain". The only word I don't use is "god". I say "gosh" instead. Saying "god" is the only "bad word" in my opinion because God said not to misuse it, making it a sin. Other than that, words are words, synonyms are synonyms. So fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck and I don't give a shit!

My very wise English teacher gave as a lesson on cuss words. Traditionally, English peasants used words like 'shit' or 'ass,' just as regular words in their vocabulary. Not generally having a bad connotation, just descriptors for body parts and functions. The French, disgusted by the English as a whole, created the idea that their words were demeaning and unintelligent which eventually turned them into what we know as 'swear words.' This is the same reason why there are more proper names for other English words, such as 'cow.' Generally you wouldn't say that you're 'eating cow,' you'd say you're 'eating beef,' which comes from the French word beouf. There ya have it.

Justy101 23

"Pants" used to be a bad word in England. Instead they would call them "sit-down-apons". Legit.

#107 - I'm sorry, but you're flat out wrong. (By the way, I'm not insulting your English teacher when I say this... English teachers aren't meant to teach linguistics or the history of language)... Curse words, in general, are defined as what society is afraid of. For example, take "fuck". This word is a synonym for sex, and society tends to shy away from that topic. Another example is the word "shit" this originates as a cuss word about a hundred enters or more back - where people were afraid of disease and therefore a disease carrier - shit. This has fallen into a lesser cuss word as disease has become less prevalent in our time. On the "beef vs. Cow" thing, you were very close. What actually happened is that the aristocracy (the ones that tended to eat the high quality food such as beef or veal) spoke Latin, and so the names of food (beef, veal, fowl) are derived from Latin. On the other hand, words for the actual animal (cow, deer, birds) come from a teutonic derived language. That's because the peasants (the ones who had to deal with the animals) spoke such a language. English is a mash between those two languages (with more Teutonic influence, as there were more peasants). That's why we have those words separated like that. If anything I have said is unclear, please refer to a VSauce video on YouTube that explains this better than me. Chao!

My English teacher actually just retired after 43 years, and she knows A LOT more than just English. There are probably a million theories on how cuss words came about, I just founded hers interesting. I say 'theory' because, unless you were there it would be difficult to know for sure.

RedPillSucks 31

@82. But... But what if you are a beautiful fucking genius?

DaMann360 19

Can we all just agree that cuss words are stupid and we should be able to say what ever the hell we want? Cuss words are just synonyms for other words so fuck society and what they think. A word is a word and saying "cuss words" does not determine intellegence. Genius's say cuss words and the people that said "it makes you unintellegent" are stupid themselves for thinking such a thing and it is only an excuse to try to scare people away from using cuss words. Besides, we need these "cuss words". If you get your legs blown off, do you realize how wierd it'd be if all you said was "oh my goodness gracious". Or maybe "oh shoot, it hurts". What? Imagine what war movies would be like without cuss words. They'd be stupid and terrible. So stop being all goody goody and saying cuss words are bad. They are fucking synonyms that are needed in this world to describe intense emotion etc.

Your intensity is great and goes well with your profile pic, but I don't fully agree with you. Yes, if an adult swears it doesn't make them seem unintelligent. But, if it's a thirteen year old girl (or boy, for what matter) dropping the f bomb every second word, yes, it does make him/her sound very unintelligent and attention seeking. I think it really depends on who is swearing and why.

Sorry Writing** had to correct that.

And what it says about you is that your writing is garbage.

135 - While it is true that there are many theories as to why there are curse words, one thing I said is definitely true. - and that is the Latin/Teutonic mix..... Also, your teachers theory fails to explain the evolution of curse words, but rather describes them as stationary and unchanging - I find that highly improbable... Sorry for exaggerating in my previous argument

Lol good point and the last part made me truly lol :)

you have me cracking up lmao Merica.

This is why you use your headphones when you plan to use an app that plays any sort of video. Saves the embarrassment for you.

Not to mention it is just plain polite. Not everyone is interested in listening to what you want to listen too. Especially in a waiting room, which anxieties may be higher than normal. Maybe I'm just getting too old, but I'm trying to figure out why every believes everyone else should listen to whatever they want to listen to or deal with it. Be it a cellphone playing a video, or that annoying asshole in the car which has the music you can hear from 3 blocks away.

I agree. It's just common courtesy, the other day in the middle of a busy shopping centre there was a person walking around on the phone with their phone on loud speaker having the loudest conversation. Not only is it embarrassing for them it's just plain rude.

TurtleLightning 7

Good advice but it said he accidentally clicked it.

Who scrolls on YouTube with no intentions of watching a video, though? I'd understand if this was Facebook OP was talking about.

#100, OPE didn't say they were on YouTube, they just said they accidentally clicked on a YouTube video, and it played. This could happen for instance if they were on the iFunny features (where that exact video is too)... So don't assume OP was on YouTube

Oh.. I misread it. Thanks for informing me on this. I read it as he tapped it while scrolling through YouTube.

This is the first time I've clicked both YDI and FYL.

How does this just happen?

I'm pretty sure it could have happened to anyone...

euphoricness 28

It happened by happening

you go to click one thing, your finger slips and hits another? not that confusing

All I'm saying is that I have the youtube app too and when I go on it it never stays on the video I was on previously. The app just restarts itself.

Didn't you mean Youporn? lol

inner_peace 19

It's a big hit on YouTube, not porn.

FrancesShiver 20

Wise words from Fred.

Glad to see someone knew what was going on here

That's awesome. A little embarrassment is good for you it will help you learn that you will be fine with everyone judging as long as you don't care.

If you don't check the volume when you're messing around on your phone in public you completely deserve whatever humiliation you get.

Really? I'm pretty sure everyone has forgotten about loud music and turned it on. Nobody's perfect.

I've forgotten too. But just like OP, I deserved my humiliation.