By endure_survive - 15/12/2014 03:17 - New Zealand - Hamilton

Today, I ate at Subway during my lunch hour. A group of teenage girls sat down at the table next to mine. They all shared good laugh about the "friendless, chubby chick" sitting near them, while attempting to discreetly point at me. FML
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Sweet onion chicken teriyaki And also, thanks everyone for the nice comments

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DrMario_ 16

Ignore them, OP. Haters gonna hate! Chin up :-)

Should've thrown your Subway at them, but then that would be a waste of Subway.


DrMario_ 16

Ignore them, OP. Haters gonna hate! Chin up :-)

I know I'm probably going to get thumbed down for this and I'll deserve it, but I have to take this chance. I think you mean chins up.

DrMario_ 16

I just... I can't. It's not going to help the situation at all.

jbombdighetty 11

They know your chins, not your story!

malea_17 16

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Yeah and players gonna play And heartbreakers gonna break And fakers gonna fake But you just gotta shake it off

Ignore them, even if it's a hard thing to do. People like that are not worth feeling bad over.

Definitely ignore them. Only an idiot thinks that a person eating alone has no friends. Anybody that can't eat alone is pretty insecure and i certainly don't envy them as they'll have issues later on in life.

NellieeNell 18

Happened to me at my job while I was eating in the break room. Only difference were these women were older than I. As in, in their 40's & 50's. Apparently, with these women, maturity doesn't grow with age. Sad, but it's life. All you can really do is ignore them. Sorry this happened to you though OP.

So that means everybody in my school is insecure? Because they're always around their friends, and never give them space, and even assume people who are by themselves have no friends.

Should've thrown your Subway at them, but then that would be a waste of Subway.

badluckalex 23

then drop kick them for being gossipy bitches

Sweet onion chicken teriyaki And also, thanks everyone for the nice comments

JayDay_123 18

Sounds yummy. :) I'll have to try it sometime.

That's actually just the best sub from Subway.

GamerPerson 19

One of their best ones! A friend, indeed! :3

Sorry, Op. It honestly happens to a lot of people. Wherever you go, there's always going to be someone judging you and being a complete dick. Yesterday, on one of the few days my friend was actually hanging out with me and accepting me, girls still stared at me and called me a loner. What can ya do? I just flip them off or ignore them.

#5 not only teenagers can be assholes, everyone can be

JayDay_123 18

In fact, some people can even HAVE assholes. Crazy, right?

There's at least 7 billion human assholes in the world.

jthmtwin 16

Humans in general seem to all be dickwads. Not all, but far too many

I hope you stared them in the eyes while you ruthlessly devoured your Subway sandwich with great gusto. You know, just to freak them out a little. Seriously though, like #1 said, chin up OP. :)

"Group of bitches stick together like my sandwich." Loudly. And stare at them while you take big bites and say, "bitches always die in the movies."

Little bit over-aggressive there, #7, don'tcha think? :')

#19 what? Who ever said I feel bad for them? But now that you mention it, yes, I do. I feel bad for anyone so lacking in confidence that they feel they have to tear others down to build themselves up, and think that eating (or going to a movie/play/anything) alone is equivalent to having no friends. EDIT: You edited it :(

uuum, excuse me, number 13? oh, you feel bad for them? why spare your pity on people like that? you don't apologize for bullshit. don't you ever apologize for standing up for yourself. OP, I hope you read what I just said. Don't you dare feel sorry for standing up to people like that.

#24 my bad different commenter. But jsyk my original reply was meant in a sort of jokey-conversational tone.

it was me. my little sister logged into her account from my iPad

oh sorry. I misunderstood you :) hahaha this is embarrassing ^^;

Don't worry about it, sometimes I word things a little harshly, and it's easy to misunderstand the written word anyway.

How sad must their tiny little lives be if that's enough to entertain them. I'm a big girl too I know the feels. Just try to ignore it.

qdawg06 23

Girls are catty bitches. F their lives OP, ignore their pettiness.

It just means they have nothing better to do than belittle others. It's a way to make them feel superior. It's not you, it's them. Be proud of your curves OP! (: