By Anonymous - 12/09/2014 13:17 - United States - Fort Myers

Today, I had to take my husband's laptop to University for an in-class exam. I opened the screen, and loud porn started to auto-play. The silence in the class was deafening as I tried to make it stop. FML
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Llama_Face89 33

Could have been worse. Someone could have whipped out their dick.

isabelf 17

Maybe try to explain to them it wasn't your laptop?


Llama_Face89 33

Could have been worse. Someone could have whipped out their dick.

I hope you did well on that test and definitely explain.

#13 That irrelevant reply though, haha.

it's OP's fault for not even opening the laptop once before the test started. you at least want to make sure that it's working and everything!

cjwayy 22

#25 oh god you made me laugh so hard

I'm new to FML and I don't understand why you guys dislike sooooooo much like whats wrong with what he said

I did something like this to my friend in highschool! Except we changed his background picture. Boy did he get a surprise in class!!

@47 If people leave a comment sounding moronic, we automatically dislike, no matter how good the persons intentions were.

@55 a lot people dislike comments because they aren't smart enough to understand them. "I don't get it ... THUMBS DOWN"

Epikouros 31

#47 We don't like people reacting to the first comment with a comment about the original post, just to get attention.

Yes, what #70 said. It's considered rude to post a seemingly original comment meant for OP on someone else's comment thread. That's considered "thread/comment jacking". The reply feature is meant for responding to a commenter or joining a conversation below the commenter that's related to the original comment. The reply feature is not for posting something new in relation to the FML. I hope that makes sense.

#47 I have been here for a while and I still don't know

isabelf 17

Maybe try to explain to them it wasn't your laptop?

Sometimes explaining things just make it worse. Let them think what they want.

I wonder if it was planned.. Did he know you needed the laptop? Your husband could be an evil mastermind.

Hopefully you got the chance to explain that it wasn't your computer. I hope you do well on your exam!

It'll be okay, OP. An embarrassing **** story is a right of passage. Hopefully no one will bring it up in class and you can forget about it.

I hate to admit it but no one will forget about this, the situations like these people will always remember, well for that year anyways.

Oyas12 14

If it's a guys laptop always check for **** or ask him if he left any websites open just in case. Most will at least close the sites when they plan on moving away from the computer though

Not everyone spends their day watching ****. Some of us actually have sex for real!

I have sex on a regular basis and still watch ****... As do most men..

I don't think this thread was meant to be a brag fest.

If it's a guys' laptop? Cause I leave yaoi **** on my computer all the time 0.o I should hope you check every laptop regardless

Just be like "F**k! I didn't think he filmed last night", and then just get back to the exam

Your husband doesn't know how this **** thing works. You close the tabs and clear the history, when you're done

AnOriginalName 19

No no no. Use incognito to watch **** so that you don't have to clear your history or cookies. A clear history in a regular browser is a dead giveaway.

christge1beast 17

Why would he clear his history? He lives with his wife. It's probably just them. I highly doubt she minds him watching ****

trellz17 19

It seems funny reading it but I know in reality it wasn't. FYL

You could have put it on mute before trying to stop it.

One never thinks of these things when they're frantic.

That's why I always plug in earphones when I have to use other people's laptops... FYL, OP :/

hope they don't think of you as the kinky student