By Anonymous - United States - Fort Myers
  Today, I had to take my husband's laptop to University for an in-class exam. I opened the screen, and loud porn started to auto-play. The silence in the class was deafening as I tried to make it stop. FML
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  poncho55  |  40

Yes, what #70 said. It's considered rude to post a seemingly original comment meant for OP on someone else's comment thread. That's considered "thread/comment jacking". The reply feature is meant for responding to a commenter or joining a conversation below the commenter that's related to the original comment. The reply feature is not for posting something new in relation to the FML. I hope that makes sense.

By  tbro47  |  23

If it's a guys laptop always check for porn or ask him if he left any websites open just in case. Most will at least close the sites when they plan on moving away from the computer though