By acnecream - Finland - Kinnulanlahti
  Today, I was hitting on a cute girl on the bus. It was going well, and she gave me her name to add on Facebook. Since I didn't have the app, I opened Safari on my phone. It opened to my video from Pornhub I watched yesterday and started playing, on full volume, through the entire bus. FML
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  2757240  |  12

Not if you have an ap that puts u on the net that its private, plus you can download them and watch it whether you have service or not and after 4 hours of not being in the ap it closes all pages out, and you can use a pw to use the ap. don't judge my kids do what ever they can on my phone passwords are a huge benefit

  Dairyking  |  8

Or just use a video app specifically for this purpose. One app for your happy time, with a number lock, that is separate from safari, and then safari, which you use for everything else. Problem solved!

  gntfmlingnow  |  12

There's apps for private browsing that are basically designed for use with porn. Mobile does have a lot of advantages over using your computer, but OP should be more careful.