By acnecream - 03/05/2013 13:23 - Finland - Kinnulanlahti

Today, I was hitting on a cute girl on the bus. It was going well, and she gave me her name to add on Facebook. Since I didn't have the app, I opened Safari on my phone. It opened to my video from Pornhub I watched yesterday and started playing, on full volume, through the entire bus. FML
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Now if she still friends you on FaceBook, you know you've got a keeper. Would've loved to see everyone's faces, hehe.


wlddog 14

I am sure she asked him if he wanted to make his own pornhub video. That is always how it happens in the **** movies.

aalijahraj 10

Better always use Private Browsing feature in browsers dude

Private browsing will still keeps the site open unless you close the tab or exit private browsing. That's how it's in iOS at least.

Not if you have an ap that puts u on the net that its private, plus you can download them and watch it whether you have service or not and after 4 hours of not being in the ap it closes all pages out, and you can use a pw to use the ap. don't judge my kids do what ever they can on my phone passwords are a huge benefit

For a second I thought he had searched her name and she came up on pornhub...but that's just me I guess...

Google should put that in their reasons to use incognito widow in chrome.

devonisthebest 7

This guy sounds like a hardcore **** watcher

#66, I assume you are referring to TOR?

Now if she still friends you on FaceBook, you know you've got a keeper. Would've loved to see everyone's faces, hehe.

Well that's embarrassing... On the bright side, your hand will never judge you!

Yea, but it still stupid, once you are done (bookmark it) and delete it from from the open tabs!

Dairyking 8

Or just use a video app specifically for this purpose. One app for your happy time, with a number lock, that is separate from safari, and then safari, which you use for everything else. Problem solved!

Time to learn to close your apps and delete your browsing history.

or just wait til he got home to add her? or am i just old fashioned by not having facebook at my fingertips?

Maybe you should save that stuff for the computer. Or delete your history.

There's apps for private browsing that are basically designed for use with ****. Mobile does have a lot of advantages over using your computer, but OP should be more careful.

Never leave that stuff open! That is begging for a humiliating moment! But I hope she found it funny and didn't overreact.

Yeah, I was thinking he was kind of asking for it, leaving a **** video open in his browser. Had to know that was gonna happen. Murphy's law and all.

shadowedpixie 19

Always close before you doze....

CallMeMcFeelii 13

That's the best advice for anyone who uses their iPhone for ****. Personally I always keep a safe page up, just incase I forget to close it.

Well 73, then you'd have to remember to switch to the safe page.