By someoneneedsassistance - 24/04/2015 15:07 - United States - Woodford

Today, while driving, I saw a car pull over with its hazard lights on. I went to see if they needed help, only to see the guy was jerking off to something on his phone. FML
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yeah, I should probably apologize for that.

Says the girl with semi nudes as her profile picture....

StiffPvtParts 43

Must've been some very juicy **** c:

pauliegon 18

Best comment I've seen on FML

Brain bleach would be a good thing to have after seeing that.

FusionPlacebo 26

That's why I never pull over to see if someone needs help.

Dillyduzit 23

Sounds like the beginning of a porno.

look at OP's name... i guess they were willing to 'assist' :P

Couldn't he have waited to go home and do it in the privacy of his own house? -_-

Some people's self control is sub par.

RedPillSucks 31

when you gotta cum, you gotta cum.

martin8337 35

Unless 10 other people live there. Then it may be difficult to jack it with no privacy.

brain bleach, please. Could he do that in private?