By Olive14 - 15/12/2010 06:15

Today, I was caring for a bird that had flown into my window. I thought the poor thing wouldn't make it, when it shit in my hand, flew into my neck, then around my living room for ages before I could manage to get it out of the window. FML
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Aight Tarzan, when birds come in you hit them bitches with brooms


Attempting to copulate doesn't count as caring.

whoop, bird is getting revenge on you for the window incident ;)

perdix 29

So, if a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, then the bushes must have twice as much birdshit. QED.

But guano = bat shit, and bats are mammals. A bird in the house has no bat equivalent, so the guano is irrelevant. Unless you're making cupcakes, of course!

Don't trust birds! They are bastards! Believe me! ><

why would he bring a bird into his house? dumbass, YDI

I can't push this enough~no good deed goes unpunished :D