By Ketchup - 22/06/2009 06:06 - United States

Today, my brother and I found a little bird that couldn't fly. While trying to convince my mom that it couldn't fly so we could keep it, I lightly tossed it in the air and it landed a few feet in front of me. Then my cat grabbed it and ate it. FML
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it probably died after you "lightly tossed" the damn thing. birds are fragile, you can't just throw them.

What the hell you doing throwing the poor thing?? It would have probably died of shock if your cat hadn't got at it!


Then why did you reply at the top? You are a douche.

You are quite the dumbass, maybe the fact that the bird wasn't fleeing might convey that it couldn't fly. Either that or your mum is a dumbass and she expects birds to stay comfortly in the company of humans.

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wow I don't get how this is a fml . it's not like your whole life is now fu**ed because of a dead bird. more like f the birds life

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177 - you could say that about 98% of these "FML"'s Is someones life REALLY f'ed just because their girlfriend breaks up with them.. no. Is someones life REALLY f'ed because someones family leaves them behind on a nice vacation.. no. It still sucks.. and it still sucks to see your cat eat a cute little bird. if you want to be so picky, ask them to change the site to "This moment of my life is crappy." Sounds catchy

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it probably wouldve died anyways

it's always a good idea to throw a bird to prove it can't fly.

wow that sucks haha.. your cat has a cold heart

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uhm I think it's called instincts not cold heartedness

Poor little bird. Though it's sad for you and your brother, just think how happy you made your cat....

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Do you get all emotional when you eat other animals?

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DAT KITTY IS ONE ICE COLD ************! nawt

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You conquer? Try concur, unless you're taking over land.

I conquer, but don't worry guys I'm Alexander the Great.

it probably died after you "lightly tossed" the damn thing. birds are fragile, you can't just throw them.

Seriously. More like FBL...what the hell were you thinking? Birds don't belong in your house anyway...what were you going to do to get it better, keep it in a box and feed it little asprins and chicken soup? For that matter, how did you even know there was something wrong with it in the first place? For all you know it could have been a juvenile; they aren't born knowing how to fly. "It can't fly so we can keep it"...please. There are wildlife rehabbers and vets that a.) know anything at all about birds and b.) rehabilitate injured wildlife for a living that you could have called instead. Even if there aren't any rehabbers in your area you could have at least gotten some advice instead of chucking the thing "a few feet" away to prove a point. Put your cat up for adoption before you kill it with stupid, too.

You want to give chicken soup to a bird that can't fly? You're inducing cannibalism on a poor animal! You should be force fed your own child.

What? Is the joke supposed to be that I'm a hypocrite because I made a sarcastic comment to illustrate the point that the OP probably didn't have the first clue about how to care for an injured/infant bird? I doubt the OP was just throwing the bird to be ironic. Valiant attempt, though.

Chill the hell out, they're obviously kids if they're asking their mom if they can keep a bird. And the mom either would have said "no" or if she did say "yes" would have been more responsible and taken it to a vet and they would have decided if they were fit to care for this bird, not you. And like they said, its nature, if the cat was outside and ate the bird does it make any difference? I don't have a cat but all my friends cats come back with animals all the time, birds, rats, and other shit.

I have no problem with the cat - it was just doing what comes naturally to cats. The kid has no excuse. When I was a kid, I knew not to throw animals. End of story.

You dumbass. Why did you let your cat near the bird?

Not really. I have rehabilitated a few sparrows and I have one with me right now that I've raised from a featherless baby to a full grown female sparrow. All you need is some basic common sense, a little help from the Internet and a will to help. At the very least, you can keep the bird warm and safe in a box till the experts arrive.