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By  niwde

haha agree very rare this sort of things, wouldn't be able to stop laughing when I would see this in reality ;)

How do you know the bird was scared of you? Maybe it was just pissed off that you walked in to the flight path... and purposefully took a dump on you.

By  Tamuz

FAKE ! birds have no control of them using the bathroom , they poop when they need to they pee when they need to.... chances of a bird pooping in your face whiles its hitting u .... slim to none


Rubbish, Have you never seem a bird fly into a window and shit itself?? I have and they do! Wish I could have been there to seen it OP and if I did I am sorry but I would have laughed my ass off at you. But FYL indeed.


You two have the same profile picture, so it looks like you're talking to yourself. XD

Is it wrong that I feel worse for the bird? -_- Pay attention to where you're walking, OP. FYL, because that would probably hurt a lot.

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