By littlemisstiny - 29/08/2009 08:48 - Ireland

Today, I swapped seats with someone on a ferry so she could sit next to her friend. Minutes later, a child sitting behind me threw up on my head, while the girl I had swapped with and her friend laughed hysterically as I attempted to wipe the puke from my hair. FML
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What a bitch! You were kind enough to swap places and this is how she pays you back. I hate people like that.

ugh. I hate it when kids puke. Espically on airplanes.


should have swapped with the other person...

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YDI for being Saint Sarah.

dude thats disgusting kill the girl haha jk but FYL that sucks

barf is always funny

it's only funny when the other person gets puked on...try having it done on you and you'll feel the same way the OP does.

ugh. I hate it when kids puke. Espically on airplanes.

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That's horrible luck.

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that's pretty funny. FYL though

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that's kind of bitchy

haha. points for the kid sitting behind you XD

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You should have used her shirt to wipe the puke out of your hair. She would have stopped laughing then!

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WTF is wrong with you!!!! XD ur hair is hella funny.