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You're doing it right. She's doing it wrong.

That seems contradictory...


That seems contradictory...

It actually doesn't. You can cuddle with people without having any sexual intention.

Yes, you can cuddle without expecting anything sexual. But I think the point was that normally people cuddle to get a relaxed + good feeling . sexual or not.

Well yeah, I mean it is usually a good feeling when you're next to someone who turns you on. Maybe she's not ready for sex, though.

Also possible she is trying to wait until she is married, which isn't too uncommon, and she just doesn't want the temptation.

You're doing it right. She's doing it wrong.

Had to read it twice but now it makes sense

I don't see the problem here. She likes you but not in a sexual way. Sucks for you but so what? Be happy about her honesty.

She was turned on, some part of her was sexually attracted. Maybe she's young and not really at that stage yet.

Or maybe she's religious and doesn't want to feel tempted?

My only guess is that she doesn't want cuddling to lead to something else. She's probably saving herself for marriage or trying to not have sex until she's in a serious relationship. Maybe I'm reading too much into it; but, why else would she want to stop? Another boyfriend?

I don't see nothing wrong with it. This makes you boyfriend material for sure.

Double negative, you shouldn't never.

I see it now lol

28, yes! My English teach always said "Don't use no double negatives!".

Doesn't seem like a very good English teacher if she is telling you to use double negatives...

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without the help of drugs, how would that work?

Umm... I don't think that's how this kinda situation works... You know, because normally it's consensual and all, yeah...

How do you suppose it's possible to cuddle someone and them not know your body is invading their personal space?

don't feel bad. she just doesn't understand her body. should give her the talk.

Translation: I'm really attracted to you but i want to pretend to fight it, so that i don't look easy. This is the precursor to, "You know, I've never done anything like this before, but there is something special about you..." You're in dude. Just play along.

Contrary to popular belief, most women do not speak in some sort of secret code.

I'm pretty sure reading this has made me dumber

Lol. Seems like she doesn't get the just of it

Maybe she wants to hang onto the V card a bit longer... Your to tempting...