By PissNTra - 19/07/2011 17:11 - United States

Today, I went over to my girlfriend's house to meet her entire family for the first time. Trying not to be rude, I ate their 12-bean and chorizo soup. Now I'm stuck in the bathroom trying to unclog the toilet with no plunger. FML
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DivakiddOsz 5

ohh ;) Spanish food is the best .


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I'm pretty sure the family chose to eat at the house. it would be ruse to decline the offer, or leave because they are having beans.

sandi315 0

wish he could... wish he could

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jacob4848 4

You better fix it you don't want to be nick named "The clogger".

littlemissFYL 5

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I agree with 13. There's not much he could've done about that. Hope you feel better OP!:)

Usually when you meet your partners parents for the first time you eat at their place, not at a restaurant.

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aFatFuck 0

Gotta use your hands man, drastic times call for..using your hand to unclog diareah filled toilets

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1. filatio wouldn't solve the clogging problem. not for the toilet anyways

ImmortalKratos 0

get a wire coat hanger. straighten it. and stick it in the toilet till it goes down. usually works for me.

Jakaroo 0

Hahaha this is one of my favorite fmls haha

ifailplzinsultme 0

I'm sure he will be "eating out" later...

2ndSucks 15

92- not if he's still all backed up.

so op's first instinct is to go on fml and post while hes in the bathroom cuz thatll get cha no where

FYLinAmajorWay 1

I guarantee you'll laugh your ass off when you picture OP in his girlfriend's parent's bathroom, both hands in the toilet, with a panicked look on his face. At least i did. Lol sorry OP FYL

104 - just because all FMLs have to start with 'today' doesn't mean they actually happened today. Nor does writing in present tense mean it's actually happening right now. Most FMLs are submitted after the situation has passed.

shutup_matt 5

sounds like a "crappy" evening

ifailplzinsultme 0

You do realize every FML has to start with "today", right? I doubt most FMLs that get posted even happened that exact day.

cimh 9

gross...but I guess that's the only way! (hope I'll never be in this situation!)

lpca28472 0

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I'm disappointed that no one has said, "use your hand" yet.

183 awkward for u cause like 50 people have

lbumbblebee 5

haha damn that sucks op, don't forget to wash your hands... a lot xD

DivakiddOsz 5

ohh ;) Spanish food is the best .

DivakiddOsz 5

haha definitely . your stomach gotta get used to it. it's never too late to try arroz con menestra y chorizooo xD

It's always worth it! Sure, we all wish we had an iron rectum afterwards, but there are ways to cope. Have no shame, OP, it signifies a job well done by the cook.

yeah its the same with mexican food( i don't mean that weird shit they sell as mexican food up there in the USA), because our food has so many spices, people not used to it, get an upset stomach. Whenever people get it, mexicans say they got moctezuma's revenge

I'm sorry, but i gotta cast my vote for Italian food.

Italian food is amazing! I love it! I love food.. all of it.. I'm a fatty..

cimh 9

yepp Italian food! and Thai food - but there is the same problem with spices you are not used to LOL

cheezbrgrsrcool 1
LexxyLiime 0

OP was trying not to be rude and ate their disgusting food, do you really think that he would climb out the window? that would be 1000 times ruder.

Nobody said the food itself was disgusting.. just its effect on an unaccustomed body!

This is starting to sound like Along Came Polly.

No. JUMP out the window. ...Like a boss.

kings1fan 6
DivakiddOsz 5

LOL imagine !! "quien fue el asqueroso que dejo el baño asi?"

LunaNstars 0

Those darn Mexican foods my mother makes too.

I hope you know Mexicans aren't the only hispanic people who eat beans and chorizo. Think before you post an obnoxious comment.

I hope you know I was just being silly. You shouldn't take it so seriously, especially not on this website.

senalina 0

i love chorrizo and friholas.... mmmmmmmmm

sseberly 11

I feel like I know you from somewhere beatlesobsessed lol

One night stand. Your name's Bob, right? I'm kidding! Message me. :)

lol, I wish my mom cooked good food like that.

kings1fan 6

How do you message someone on this app??

I eat beans and chorizo and Im puerto rican soo it's not just Mexicans who eat that . think before you comment .

wow that's embarrassing. It reminds me of the movie "Dumb and Dumber" when Harry breaks the toilet lol

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sourgirl101 28

The last concert I went to had two guys dressed up as Lloyd and Harry in those blue and orange tuxedos. Super funny!(:

Excuse me, I meant best. Sorry autocorrect

FMMFL1992 3


FMMFL1992 3

oh I quoted dumb and dumberer my bad

lol or along came polly when he uses the luffa

RainbowzSkittlez 6

yeah.. he should get the hell off of FML and solve this predicament

Mi24hind 0

I don't want to know how your trying to unclog their toilet. But atleast you where doing your best to not be rude, so they'll respect that.

This reminds me of a certain movie, anyone?

IamMiguelco 0