By Grandson - 01/01/2012 13:51 - Australia

Today, I received my first phone call of the new year. It was the police station informing me that my elderly grandmother has been arrested for indecent exposure. FML
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Come on granny....roll those hooters back up!


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I got pulled over for no reason, I ask y u pull me over cop goes just in case !!! Da hell right

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Making the best of her years. This is a problem?

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At least she wasn't run over by a reindeer.

hey could be a hot granny to wanna show off like that or could be a fat saggy wrinkly leathery skinned old broad with a lil too much booze in her

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Sounds like granny had a more exciting new year than I did. Very eventful.

Are they sure it just wasn't Jeff Tremaine in a suit?

Are they sure it just wasn't Jeff Tremaine in a suit?

ANY exposure by Grandma is indecent.

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I bet there's at least one grandma reading these comments, crying. :(

Thank you, OP, for an image of my own grandmother that will never come out of my head...

And a grandpa too, thinking "No more nude grannies"? :(

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Am I the only one that thought if the grandma on Raising Hope after reading this FML?

This is hilarious! She is human, doesn't really matter how old you get, still have to live a little :) WTG Granny!

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Poor grandma? I heard as soon as she got there, she immediately destroyed to biggest inmate.

33 is right. Jail isn't fun. Gramma might get ass raped there. Ass rape=no fun

Come on granny....roll those hooters back up!

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grandma is the alpha-hooter.

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I've seen worse.. Don't ask.

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In all honesty, I don't even know what this I the only one?

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yapping ovary licking ostriches

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or Yearning Olive Liver Oil.

Damn it flockz i'll never be as smart as you......... but i still love oreos :)

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Well she had a good new year...

Awww that sucks...Grandma got away again...