By tooearly - 01/01/2012 08:31 - United States

Today, I told my mom I was going to a New Year's party. She told me to be back by midnight. FML
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Just say she didn't specify a time zone. Hawaii has midnight too

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It's not an FML unless you were actually home by midnight.

You have a good mother! My mum always said "nothing good happens after midnight"

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Just tell her you like to be fashionably late. Show up home at 3

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For me it's 'nothing good happens after 2 a.m.'

For everyone missing the point, it's not that the curfew is so early, it's that she'll be counting down to midnight with mom. Lol

Thats what happened to me too and I had to go home because my relatives were visiting:( FML.

BarDownDaily, there's only one space for a rainbow-background doggy on FML...

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Hmm, well mine has to do with my username so I win!

Is this Cinderella?.... Bullshit. 2:00am! Viva la resistance!!

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New years eve... When your mom tells you to be back at midnight. But if night starts at 8 and ends at and ends at 6 isn't midnight 1am?

Your mom seems strict but fair ;)

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Well it can't be both, that's contradicting.

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Yes it can be both, as fair and strict are nowhere near opposites. If op said strict but relaxed that would be a contradiction. See the mom is strict by wanting op home by midnight yet fair by allowing op to go out at all

46, Juicy yet sweet? Try solid yet juicy.

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bobbycorwen 5
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^ agreed I don't see the problem. I stay home till 12 and go party after you still get about 3-4 hours to get smashed

Maybe she wants to bring in the new year with her baby

Just say she didn't specify a time zone. Hawaii has midnight too

Wow u must get around all your parents rules

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I believe this would only work one time. Besides what parents wouldn't say something like don't be a smart ass to that??? I say just stop being a pussy and tell your mom to efff off.

Some people have way more respect for their parents than you do.

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...and you also suggested someone to "stop being a pussy and tell your mom to **** off"? That doesn't sound respectful and makes you a bit of a hypocrite.

Only losers disrespect their parents. Blessed to have both!

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Yeah it does sound bad. Bad choice of words.

I would like to know how you can possibly phrase that to sound respectful... "I'm sorry mother, but regrettably I'm going to have to ask you to please **** off."

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Respect it don't neglect it

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You all are taking this way too seriously.

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It could also be midnight the following day

No no, I believe you are not taking this seriously enough.

Xbrit551, without your parents you wouldn't be here today, show some respect..

Mine said 11 =p what nice parents we have huh! I love em but really!

It's because they care. I just turned 18 and this was my very first time staying out until the countdown and truth be told it's nothing special.

^ the whole point of new years eve is the countdown. Yeah the party leading up to it is great, but the whole night you're pretty much waiting for that moment. You must have had one crappy new years eve.

No, I actually had a wonderful new years eve, thanks for your concern. I realize that the whole point of the new years party is the countdown, all I'm saying is that things start to calm down a bit once that's over.

Home before the drunk drivers are on the road. Smart mom.

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My mom told me I had to be home at nine last night. -.-