By Anonymous - 11/06/2012 20:30 - United States

Today, I got a new pair of glasses, and was driving home. While waiting at a stop sign, I noticed a homeless guy touching himself. He saw me, smiled and waved, and then continued. So much for my new eyesight. FML
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I kept re-reading your comment but I can't understand dafuq your trying to say.

This is a complete guess but I believe he's talking about miracles and masturbation. Or he has no idea himself. Either way.. wtf?

ThisIsMyReign 4

Miracles and flabbergasting.

Am i the only who didn't understand what he is saying in this comment or everyone else feels the same?

lovebeecharmer 6

Hey I found the homeless guy!! He's stupid lol

baddawg365 0

My brain just about imploded from reading that rubbish you call a comment. Please good Sir tell us what you meant.

I think he means that OP is lucky to see the "amazing" sight of self pleasure.

HairyPunisher 27

It's a tragic shame when you have the opportunity to be the first comment and waste the "miracle" on a comment that not only makes you sound like a lunatic weirdo but also makes no sense.

SystemofaBlink41 27

84- lunatic's a bit too much, eh? I dunno maybe he was in a hurry to comment first and made no absolute ******* sense...

Well at least you look good in your new glasses lol

Yeah at least op knows that they look good in the glasses!!!!

26-Yeah! I really like how you just restated exactly what was said before! I did not understand what was being said until you put it that way... Just in case you couldn't tell I am being sarcastic.

...What's with the trend of people repeating comments that came before them all of a sudden...? Oh, I mean, does anyone else not understand comment #1?! At least they know they look good which is totally hot.

Finnick_fml 12

Well... Keep your eyes on the road next time :p

Hey #4, I read your profile cuz in also a huge hunger games fan. I know that the K x P was for Katniss and Peeta and the A x F was for Anna and Finnick, but who does the " C x C " stand for? Just curious :)

1: Go home 2: Burn your glasses 3: Burn your eyeballs

Inheritance 10

Did you give him money? If you didn't you're a schmuck! Greedy bastards these days.

61 stfu idiot. i bet you wouldn't give him money you are just comment hungry. and maybe OP doesn't have an high income

ciumegu 6

Play along with him?? Hey he gets lonely too LOL

reallytho3 11

Personally that makes it worse...

reallytho3 11

Personally that makes it worse lol

28 - I never said that was a good thing. Ha, ha.

I hope you waved back otherwise that would be rude