By Paul - 08/08/2011 01:49 - United States

Today, some cops came to my house saying that the neighbors thought the party I was having was too loud and obnoxious. It was my grandmother's 86 birthday party. FML
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grandma knows how to party!

"I'm sorry officer I don't see.... GRANNY PUT YOUR HANDS BACK ON! ...a problem here."


grandma knows how to party!

Grandmas party hard.

Go grandma go grandma it's yo birthday!!

HowAreYouToday 34

Um.... I have no words

Grandma: "Was the bass to high?"

"ain't no party like my grandma's tea party!"

"If I would have known you were visiting I would have trimmed my antlers"

grandma should lay off the vodka

My Granny taught me how to put a condom on a banana with no hands and while doing a keg stand

56 sounds dangerous

Grandmas gone wild lol

Geriatric jell-o shots?

@#34 epic Flight of the Conchords reference.

She's gonna turn the retirement home into a night club

Grandmas always throw the most insane parties

I think the neighbors were just jealous!

Hell yeah they do, they have the most party experience, they know how to make it right ;)

OP is lucky to have a grandma like that. Mine is so old she saw anal beads and bought one thinking it was a necklace. Don't ask me where she got them from....

The worst part was trying to explain to her, for half an hour, why she can't wear it in public...

Yamatelle, your granny sounds adorable :) lol

"I'm sorry officer I don't see.... GRANNY PUT YOUR HANDS BACK ON! ...a problem here."

"I'm sorry officer I don't see... GRANNY PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON! ...a problem."

Hands was more funny lol ;D

I liked hands better also . (;

I thought there was some sort of detachable-hand- skeleton granny that I had missed here..

Wow at 86 and she still keeps the party going. ROCK ON GRANNY!!

don't rock on too hard though granny wouldn't want you breaking a hip

Sounds like grandma gets down!

oh no its okay... its perfectly normal to find a party for an 86 year old to be too loud.... hmmm.....

Then Grandma was getting down!! Woo! ;) lol

Must of had a lot of boos

It's not Halloween yet, silly.

46 you took my joke. So I will now resort to just calling 11 stupid.

You should have told the cops or the neighbour that your grandma doesn't have that many of them left, so you have every right to party on :P