By Fattie - Malaysia
  Today, I was working at the gas station. An old lady was watching me fill her gas tank. A really beautiful girl walked by. I lost concentration and overfilled the tank. I quickly pulled it out and squirted the old lady with a bit of petrol. She was smiling and gave a slight moan. FML
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  528Alice491  |  3

That's awesome. How many people can say they got a lady to moan simply by squirting her? Even if it is with gasoline, and even if she is old. Older with more experience. Double points to you my friend!

  dancin303  |  0

you can say it. theres many words for it to. but one of the more common is penis. say it with me. p-e-n-i-s. or dick or cock or balls. and if you want to be a little more creative weiner. :D

and yes we all know.

  PsychoX  |  0

They don't always work. And they don't detect pressure, they detect when the gas backs up in the filler line the whole way back to the nozzle, if there is a glitch it can definitely overflow.

By  MSJ91  |  1

You need to be more subtle in your ogling XP