By Fattie - 09/07/2009 17:50 - Malaysia

Today, I was working at the gas station. An old lady was watching me fill her gas tank. A really beautiful girl walked by. I lost concentration and overfilled the tank. I quickly pulled it out and squirted the old lady with a bit of petrol. She was smiling and gave a slight moan. FML
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" I quickly pulled it out and squirted the old lady..." Oh I bet you did.

HAHAHAHAHAHA She wishes that petrol was know.


How is this any way bad for you?

did u pounce on that?

old people need love too

Uh. No dude. No you aren't first. Please learn how to count :) Also. Hot damn. Squirt her again you beast. ;)

#43, thanks for making me laugh. And @ OP, be kind, it might be only squirting she can have now.

hahahaha best FML ever

in case u didn't notice 18 is joking, he commented on the first meaning he obviously knew he wasn't, learn how to understand a joke...

HEY! #1 is Sarah Jessica Parker

That's awesome. How many people can say they got a lady to moan simply by squirting her? Even if it is with gasoline, and even if she is old. Older with more experience. Double points to you my friend!

Because that's creepy lol

I took it out and squirted a little on the old lady, that's what he said!

Congrats on being a granny magnet.

HAHAHAHAHAHA She wishes that petrol was know.

you can say it. theres many words for it to. but one of the more common is penis. say it with me. p-e-n-i-s. or dick or cock or balls. and if you want to be a little more creative weiner. :D and yes we all know.

@96 lmao made my day

WTF #96? yellow? hahah that isn't the S-P-E-R-M someone has either been pissing in/on their girlfriends or hasn't reached that age yet :P

I thought you couldn't overfill the tank because of the pressure censor or whatever it is

thats what i thought

He's from Malaysia. I don't think they have those.

maybe he overfilled for what she paid for? if she only paid for $10 worth of gas or something...

They don't always work. And they don't detect pressure, they detect when the gas backs up in the filler line the whole way back to the nozzle, if there is a glitch it can definitely overflow.

yeah, i've been to indonesia, which is a lot like malaysia, and the gas there is... pretty bad. haha granny love

Yup, I'm pretty sure they only recently discovered oxygen, the concept of zero and the wheel there.

Must be some old and crappy gas station

MSJ91 1

You need to be more subtle in your ogling XP

What a horny old lady lmao

ohh gosh old ppl are getting creepier now of days

" I quickly pulled it out and squirted the old lady..." Oh I bet you did.

I literally lol'd at this.

You win a free internet. Seriously, i literally rofled at this.

Thanks for making me glee.

lol'd. a winrar is you

ahahahahah! lmao! xD

lmfao that fucking funny!

Uhhh...don't even wanna begin to imagine what she was thinking...