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Who are you?

Today, being the nice grandchild that I am, I went to visit my grandmother. She didn't recognise who I was. I thought she was joking. She later called the police as, "Some weirdo had walked into her house." I'm that weirdo; she wasn't joking. FML
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  Duckasaurus  |  0

"I'M JUST FUCKING WITH YOU GRANDMA. Do you have that $20 you owe me?"

"Dude, you're really mean to your grandma."

"She's not my grandma, she's just some crazy lady that keeps her door open."

  claudia1794  |  1

How ridiculous. You say it in a "Oh it's a fact of life so deal with it" kind of tone. So people are not allowed to have an emotional response to their grandparents forgetting who they are? You probably are one of those absurdist people who think there is no purpose to life as eventually everyone dies. Have you no feelings?

By  IdolChatter  |  0

It doesn't HAVE to be Alzheimer's. Sometimes it's as simple as vitamins or a change in diet. It should be checked. Get her to a Dr that specializes in that kind of stuff ASAP.