By ThisGuy97 - 12/08/2011 20:46 - United States

Today, I pulled a muscle. Not in any kind of sport or exercise, but while reaching for my computer mouse. FML
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Jack off more, seeing as you're on the computer. Helps those muscles get big and strong!

Gee 14, I don't know why anyone would think that...?

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i ********** with both my hands and my feet. I get a full body workout three times a day!

ilikepieandpie 11

Sounds like a rigerous workout. I don't think I would try feet tho. That's a little weird

kwchambers92 10

nice, if you get over the pain, with your athletic physique you could be the next Olympic power walking gold medalist

Don't worry too much about it. Just eat more cheetoes and drink diet coke. You'll be fine.

Pixxio_O 11

So... Did you reach the computer mouse?

Don't lie OP, just be honest and say you were rubbing your knob.

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if the mouse was running away from you, you should have hit it with your keyboard.

andy_l 14

*seeks medical advice off the internet*

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14- Don't mind #13, she's doing her usual threadjacking.

When have all the replies to the first comment ever been related.

KiddNYC1O 20

Oh there was a time, #122. Way before your existence here.

dsbs 9

Tells sims to go swimming *deletes pool ladder*

Gets pissed because my sims 3 game was stolen by my cousin *drowns cousin*

angiedancesalott 8

LMFAO. this is like the best FML yett.

nativepimp 1

think i might play sims now. xbox 360 or pc oh the options!

All those who make fun of op. It is not that hard to do If your tired or stiff after a work out manly because your misled don't want to work so they get injured

kwchambers92 10

194 what? manly because your misled? come on man you make sense better than that

olpally 32

More like epic fail at life... Op is really lazy... Time to get off of fml is more like it..

Time to watch shiploads more ****...

#29 this coming from someone who is CURRENTLY ON FML

Time to stretch before you reach for the mouse!

SesameSpeed 7

Yeah I think that's your body trying to hint you to go outside more

75 yes take your mobile device of choice for a stroll.

Little does OP know that he has begun training for the mouse-grabbing Olympics. He will represent the United States in the 2012 Olympic games. He has been bestowed a great honor.

olpally 32

I'm on my iPhone you idiot for fml.. Big deal And I don't use my computer on a regular basis... I'm in shape too.. 6ft tall and 160lbs.. I do hard manual labor for a living so f**k off

Trolling success ^^ managing to get someone really angry over the Internet

oplay, 6 foot 160? lanky bitch im 5'11 185 and 15 varsity middle linebacker I'd rock your manual labor shit, bitch.

olpally 32

Spoken like a true football player.. Being an arrogant and cocky asshole.. Bring it on... I'll let u have the first hit.. Then call the cops on your ass... Have a nice time in jail

slushpup9696 12

^that's the way real men fight. "Hit me first, so I can call the cops on you."

No, people. Let us call it off. Wait, football players are arrogant and cocky, eh? Kick his ass, man!

olpally 32

Good I've always wanted to die anyways...

SesameSpeed 7

77 - I myself am fine enough to reach for my mouse without pulling a muscle. I am suggesting for him to go since obviously he Is not... think about it. The moment I pull a muscle reaching for my mouse trust me I'll go for a jog don't you worry. :)

KiddNYC1O 20

86's profile says nothing bothers him, sure buddy...sure.

olpally 32

Ur face/profile pic^ does bother me now.. Yikes..

olpally 32

Your face/profile pick bothers me now^ Yikes...

arrogant and cocky, I'm all state linebacker as a sophomore in highschool and I'll go heads up with you anytime. I bench 295 and squat 415 please come to Hough bro.

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You should exercise your arms more by masturbating.

tylersign 11

So THAT'S why my arms are so toned.

47 You should do some spelling exercises.

Make sure to alternate hands when doing said excersize. My right arms twice as strong as my left hand.

KiddNYC1O 20

My mouth and both arms are extremely strong.

I guess you could say my butt holes pretty strong too

I would say my right arm is as strong as Chuck Norris'. But, nothing comes close to him.

132 -- you have multiple buttholes? Please, do divulge your secrets. How does it feel?

This FML has fat ass written all over it.

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Internet browsing: More dangerous than bear wrestling.

*sigh* again with the spelling errors...more*, not my. Good job, Youdrongo.

Well you can't really compare just regular bear wrestling to heterosexual bear wrestling .. That shit is dangerous.

When I read the beginning I automatically thought this was going to deal with masturbating.

114 -- how exactly does one go about putting multiple sailors in their hair? Could you enlighten me?