By Anonymous - 12/08/2011 23:15 - France

Today, I decided to prank my boyfriend by putting a pair of panties in his coat pocket. I stormed in and confronted him with the "evidence". I guess the prank worked; he broke down and confessed to cheating on me. FML
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You deserved that.

Wow... what a way to find out about the truth.


You deserved that.

Agreed she deserved that. It sucks that you found out he was cheating on you but it's your fault for pulling that prank. You shouldn't do something like that if you aren't prepared to hear the truth, even if it was a joke.

Agreed. Are you sure you weren't trying to catch him out and passing it off as a prank? Anyway, at least now you now the truth, as much as it sucks.

Atleast now u kno !

He should know what your panties look like so he couldn't be fooled by your trick.

Hahahahaha jokes on you

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how does she deserve being cheated on?

flockz 19

because thats a really fucked up prank.

this is not a prank. IMO this is entrapment

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SURPRISE..your boyfriend knew your plan all along and the jokes on you! ..I hope(:

That's really a very dumb thing to say. She doesn't deserve it at all. Maybe it was a retarded prank, but that doesn't justify what her ass wipe boyfriend did. The man is the only one in the wrong here. Big surprise there.

Woman says man is the only one in the wrong. Typical. I agree he should have been cheating but that's not a prank. That's cruelty

Haha! Cruelty? Awe poor baby got caught cheating through a prank? How sad ;( he must feel so disrespected and used.

Bullshit, i'd find this funny so long as she fessed up quickly enough. FYL OP.

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Not every man is a cheater. Just choosing the wrong men.

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how the f does she deserve it? guy was a jackass

funny* goddamn edit timer.

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Sooo I take it OP meant to put ex boyfriend

At 55, true enough. Not all guys are scum. Just a vast majority, from my experience at least. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though, friend.

NOBODY deserves to be cheated on. She might have deserved the way she found out, that was a stupid prank, but in no way does she deserve being cheated on. At least you found out now, OP, so you can dump his ass.

#60 no, if she put ex-boyfriend it wouldn't make sense (How could he be cheating if he was her ex?) If she put "Now-ex-boyfriend" it would have partially ruined the end of the FML. So im sure she meant to put 'boyfriend' ;)

Ownage! Lol

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Judging by past FML's, it obviously wasn't a good idea. It's not really a joke you walk away laughing from. But the guys still an idiot. There is no excuse for cheaters.

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78 oh ok your right now get out there and riot

Lose-lose situation! YDI for pranking him, but FYL for finding out the terrible news.

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YDI for starting shit, stupid bitch. That's like high school.

Oh you guys, it did sound like a good prank. Stop saying it was stupid, it was funny. Until she found out he was cheating.

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It was a perfectly good prank. If he was innocent, he wouldn't have had anything to worry about, would he? I known that if that happened to me, I would know it for the prank it Is.

#155 It''d be a 'that awkward moment when' the situation occurred, but if he had been a competent bf, then it would been something to laugh about later. Also, fyl op for discovering your ex was nothing more then a worthless piece of shit.

wait... this is a rip off FML, it's just worded differently!

I'm pretty sure the only people who would be that upset about a simple prank like this, is super uptight and touchy little douche bags who probably really do have something to hide. Storming out like a little baby would hardly be a way to prove your "maturity". Just make you look even more ridiculous than the one doing the stupid prank.

But...I wouldn't break down and cry. If I knew he was joking, I would simply smile and say "shut up". If I thought he was serious, I would laugh and explain I have no idea how those got in there. Either way, once I found out it was a joke, I would take it that way; as a joke. If you are the type be genuinely insulted, then it would be a nasty thing to do, assuming your better half would know that it's in your personality to get upset easily. But I'm going to go ahead and guess that the OP and her [ex]boyfriend were the type to joke a lot, leading to this kind of prank. Had he been innocent, it could have just ended in a laugh. The fact that it ended badly was not the OP's fault at all.

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Fun argument^^^

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she didnt deserve that! but hey, at least she found out the truth AND gave me somethin to do if i ever suspect my boyfriend ;D

It's through this thread you really get to see how crappy the quality most of us guys really are. And how "mature" we think we are judgments of "oh she's so immature and stupid". If you really love your girlfriend, AND YOU'RE ACTUALLY FAITHFUL TO HER, this is nothing. My girlfriend pranks me like this all the time, but I having nothing to hide from her, I play along and then just pull her in and kiss her when she pretends to start getting upset that I "cheated"; in a healthy, faithful relationship where THERE IS ACTUALLY TRUST, this would be an "issue" about as much as the issue of leaving the toilet seat up. And just in case another idiot comes along and mistakes the meaning of that, I mean that this shouldn't even be something to argue about for even two seconds. My two cents of knowledge for this poverty-stricken thread.

How the hell did she deserve her bf cheating on her, think before writing these comments!

Don't do stupid shit like that! Don't you know not to do things or ask questions if you're not ready for the answer.

True, but it's better for her to find out so she can move on

Krista835 5

If you're in a relationship you shouldn't be expecting to find out they're cheating for you, you shouldn't be getting ready to hear that kind of stuff cause both people should remain faithful. She probably just wanted to see his reaction and it was probably meant to be a little joke I don't see why people say she deserved it cause nobody deserves being cheated on in my opinion.

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wth kind of reasoning is that? the guy was cheating and he got caught doesnt matter how.

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Or she thought he was cheating and this "prank" was the only way she could admit it to herself to confront him. She doesn't deserve to be cheated on. She does deserve to find out that way if she is going to be childish and try to start a fight.

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Not stupid shit really. she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. you think it would be better if she never found out? don't think so.

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To people like 27~ can't you just thumb the persons comment up instead of saying 'So true'?!

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however, how stupid would the bf have to be to fall for that? if my gf did this to me, I think I would 1: know what panties the girl was wearing, 2: know what panties my gf has, and 3: know she didn't put them in my pocket!

no no!! maybe he was playing along??

I just learned that lesson over the last couple days

Wow... what a way to find out about the truth.

The truth always CUMS out unexpectedly

That was a terrible pun

It seems like 18 was waiting to say that...

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

3- markus from pokemon diamond and pearl?

You can't handle the truth!

#132 his name is Pearl in the manga

Barry from the anime and Diamond / Pearl / Platinum versions

Well now you know....

That actually made me lol. You totally deserve that. But its better you know now then to find out later.

FYL for having a cheating boyfriend. However, you should have been prepared for that possibility if you were gonna pull a prank like that. Unless he absolutely never gave you any kind of hint or reason to suspect... in which case, double FYL.

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You were asking for that.

Yeah, cause EVERYONE asks to be cheated on. Please, shut the fuck up.

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^seconded, agreed, stfuX12

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shut the fuckk up, bro. she was just trying to have some fun, and obviously he's been having a little too much.

glutgyoogle 6

I meant she was asking for it by doing the prank

So you would rather have her not have pulled the prank, and remain clueless in the dark about her douche of a boyfriend cheating on her behind her back? Shame on you. Please go away.

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Next time consider a prenup.

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Wrong FML...

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It's hard to find a good guy

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It's hard to find a girl actually looking for a guy rather than bitch about it.

You meant to write "ex boyfriend" right?!

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If she did the fml wouldn't make much sense.

Well I mean now he should be her ex :p

she had it coming to her, how Is accusing someone do cheating even a prank?