By WolfieJL - 18/05/2014 07:51 - United States

Today, my two year old puked in the backseat of the car. When we stopped to clean her up, she scooped up the vomit by the handful and threw it at my head. I had an almost two hour drive before I could wash the smell off myself. FML
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why didnt you stop at a gas station, or restaurant?

She is just expressing her love! *silently gags in the background*


dimerneckel 22

Hope she didn't eat anything red!

why didnt you stop at a gas station, or restaurant?

Gas station toilets can be pretty grim places. I'm not sure I'd want to unstrap a vomit-covered toddler, take her into a gross bathroom, and try and clean off with nothing but water, because those places hardly ever have soap. Also she might not have wanted to go into a restaurant, being covered in vomit and all.

That's why you look for a truck stop, one of the big chain ones. Those are usually pretty clean, and they carry all the supplies you need to wash both yourself and your car, as well as medicine for your child. And should you really feel the need they have showers as well.

cjwayy 22

#30 there may not have been one around.

#36, doesn't mean you can't look. ~_^

Saintdyn 9

#12 I would rather go into a resuraunt bathroom looking and smelling like so, than sit smelling like vomit for 2 hours.

Yeah cuz paper towels are renowned for magically getting rid of the smell of puke.

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not many people do. I always keep a towel or 2 and some other things you might need just in case.

If you comment the least you could do is properly spell, "that".

there was nothing with your comment. people are just dicks

Hmm, let's see, here… No punctuation, save for the very end, incorrect spelling, and the very nature of the comment unnecessary. Some people are just dicks, sure. You, however, are just stupid.

I'm sorry, is her comment some kind of official document meant to be scrutinized word for word, or is this a damn fluff site for ***** and giggles? "stupid". hmmm. I will take that over being an over analytical, pretentious dipshit any day.

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yes, there was wrong with it ,we already know it sucks

Dude, if you're going to make fun of someone's comment, you should definitely proofread your own, and make sure you're not missing an entire word! smooth!!

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Perhaps, 55, you should go back and read your first comment in this thread before you say things like that :/

She is just expressing her love! *silently gags in the background*

21, that's the only reason? I can think of several, although a disgust of bodily excretions is pretty high up there! Sorry, OP, but I've been made to understand that this sort of thing is pretty much par for the course until kids lose their shamelessness. Hang in there, though!

#6 and to anyone who keeps using that line and anything similar to it. Can you just stop? That line/joke has been tried over and over again with the same results. Failure. Thanks Sincerely, the rest of us

sounds like you were in a sticky situation

It appears by your number of visits that you haven't been here very long. Let me shed some light. The FML community finds the term, "sticky situation", overused and annoying.

Not all puke is sticky. In my experience it tends to be more like slimy chunks (Sorry for that visual).

Now I'm in the same sticky situation as 13 after having blown chunks all over myself. Thanks, 17!

Dear #6 or anyone who uses "sticky situation" in the comments, Just stop. Please. And never use it again. Let it rest in peace. Sincerely, The rest of us

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Why didn't you just stop on the side of the road?

Oh the fun of having kids, you're never going to forget that moment. Hopefully you were able to wash off somewhere OP!

I would get so car sick if that happend to me. Hope it wasnt too bad for you OP! FYL