By GrannyAt22 - / Tuesday 22 June 2010 01:28 / Canada
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Hahaha. Awww. It's not your fault. You're from Saskatchewan. I'm making an assumption now, but i'm guessing the person who taught you to knit has also taught you some domestic skills, putting you ahead of most other young people out there


Probably. Years of hockey snowboarding and now welding, which not only is hard on my wrists from repetitive stress, is hard on my scalp. I wear a beenie all day. That's right, hair thinning by mid 20's. Fml? kinda.


Exactly. That's why it's only kind of an fml. Besides my hair people think I look younger than I am. I got ID'd a few weeks ago. Not to mention I now have a 16 year old telling me to wait for her?! Haha. Jk. No disrespect intended

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