By clitorasaurus - 21/08/2010 06:09 - Canada

Today, I pulled a muscle in my arm while wiping my butt. FML
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rawrimaunicorn 0 the hell did you manage that?

knight0748 5

is your ass that large that you're having trouble wiping?


maxrider 0

is that even possibal?

knight0748 5

is your ass that large that you're having trouble wiping?

never experienced it. i also doubt it's possible

thanks for clearing up the fact that it was your own butt

astarwarsfan 0

no, it's not. the only possible way I can think of this happening is if you fell of the toilet and had to grab it to get back on. or you somehow reached back too far.

WTF why #4 get modded. all I said was: 'I doubt it's possible, and I haven't experienced it.'

hahaha awwwh sucks

It's definitely not possibal. It is, however, possible. I've pulled a muscle terribly from a number of different simple tasks, like reaching over to answer the phone. It happens mostly when I just woke up.

you injured yourself wiping?

mexicutioner123 0

hahaha clitoarsauras haha

yeah.....apparently when you say someone isn't telling the truth, you are disrupting the board and get moderated. but trolling and completely changing the topic to sex and hooking up is completely appropriate!

by wiping his butt he means masturbating

36, op is female..

sports_chika 0

stretch first stupid!!!

luigisf 0

37, guys are not the only ones that mastubate. we are, however, the only ones that poop or fart, so she must have been wiping peepee. I am awesome.

ThatLooksSticky 16

Someone needs to invest in a bidet.

judging by her name she sounds big. 50 pound butt cheeks

babyale760 0

that's a pretty big butt. lol

Wonder if it can crush cans?

RTRbryant 0

this would be a fml only if u pulled a muscle wiping someone elses arse

like 22 said, its possible and it usually happens when you don't stretch or exercise.I pulled my muscle trying to open a peanut butter jar. But OP, just get over it.

ouch. i hope you got to finish the job

... I got big booty bitches, big booty bitches..

lol @ 8 hit the gym, son unless your arm was in so awkward of a position that you used a muscle that has never been used before?

nightELFassasin6 0

why did u have to add it was your OWN butt. pretty sure everyone assumed it was unless u like wiping for others

girls don't wipe pee on their ass...

hahahaha you must be weak or something xD time to hit the gym..those butt wiping muscles don't become strong on their own.

KiddNYC1O 20

marinus- you were moderated because you questioned the credibility of the anecdote.

KiddNYC1O 20

btw, LAUREN, you're welcome.

I swear you said whipping.

KiddNYC1O 20

lol 80 makes more sense than the original story

It's possible but it's no the arm it's the pectoroal mussle. Sorry for typos.

I just imagined angry face intense stance extreme wiping for you to pull a muscle.

the_flirtt 0

was it for ur bf ?

you are runnin the FML comments! were you born in 94? that makes me feel soooo old!

how hard do u wipe yourself?

that's what she said

iraqagainfuck 0

stop being a grammar nazi, i hate you people its the "internet" if you didnt notice not grammar class. thank everyone else for not being a grammar nazi <3

at least it wasn't while you were wiping somebody else's butt...


you know you're lazy/fat when you have to stretch before wiping your ass.

UpYoursInAdvance 0

13 , They need to moderate more of your comments sometimes... ND OP WTF???! REALLY?! You need to stretch before you take a crap and call me if you need help...

I bet your toilet overflowed and still has not gone down.

alsnyder12 0

tough shit?

haha this is the first fml in a long time that made me laugh

dmin67 0

i love that fuckin song

Get in there, son.

Yea I was thinking if thats even possible and I don't think so..... Nice try trying to make something.... Only thing I can think of that might be possible is if the person was like mega fat and could barely reach to wipe Bs was trying really really hard to wipe and then got the sprain that way. I dunno.

Wow lol! First maybe :)

Wow. Nice name though.

We'll, whose other butt would you be wiping?

rawrimaunicorn 0 the hell did you manage that?

BehindTheSun 2

Major dingleberries?

xxniteskie 1


By being a useless human I'm sure

well I've seen it all now

omg huge ass much?

that's what she said

done the same. very embarrassing, but oddly enough, there are some benefits. for example: "Brad, come help me lift this heavy box up the stairs! Sorry dude, remember, I'm so weak I pulled a muscle wiping my butt? Oh yeah, never mind then!" you see? good things come out of every situation :D

Comment Moderated. j/k FML....

^ how long is it gonna be before this guy is banned

16 what does he keep saying?

awww cmon why mod me I was being nice

someones out of shape :S

get the comfort wipe, and keep your dignity! also, if your ass is that big, I don't think anyone is going to like you, so change your username.

ken328 0