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  astarwarsfan  |  0

no, it's not. the only possible way I can think of this happening is if you fell of the toilet and had to grab it to get back on. or you somehow reached back too far.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

It's definitely not possibal. It is, however, possible.

I've pulled a muscle terribly from a number of different simple tasks, like reaching over to answer the phone. It happens mostly when I just woke up.

  sxyntx  |  0

yeah.....apparently when you say someone isn't telling the truth, you are disrupting the board and get moderated. but trolling and completely changing the topic to sex and hooking up is completely appropriate!

  luigisf  |  0

37, guys are not the only ones that mastubate. we are, however, the only ones that poop or fart, so she must have been wiping peepee. I am awesome.

  nishant5456  |  0

like 22 said, its possible and it usually happens when you don't stretch or exercise.I pulled my muscle trying to open a peanut butter jar.

But OP, just get over it.

  nmsm  |  1

lol @ 8
hit the gym, son
unless your arm was in so awkward of a position that you used a muscle that has never been used before?

  nabee26  |  15

Yea I was thinking if thats even possible and I don't think so..... Nice try trying to make something.... Only thing I can think of that might be possible is if the person was like mega fat and could barely reach to wipe Bs was trying really really hard to wipe and then got the sprain that way. I dunno.

By  airforce987  |  20

done the same. very embarrassing, but oddly enough, there are some benefits. for example: "Brad, come help me lift this heavy box up the stairs! Sorry dude, remember, I'm so weak I pulled a muscle wiping my butt? Oh yeah, never mind then!" you see? good things come out of every situation :D