By Coldsnap - 12/8/2011 17:25 - Sweden
Today, my father tricked me into eating a Tasmanian habanero, saying it was just another pepper. The burning in my mouth was unbearable, but nothing compared to when I took a shit later in the day. FML
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By  agaba  |  0

Well that's a shitty situation

By  agaba  |  0

Well that's a shitty situation

  ramboman19  |  8

19 - dude I ate flamin hot cheetos before bed and woke up at like 5:30AM and puked haha. My throat was on fire! That's all I had to eat that day though. Lol so that's why

  ariannaa_fml  |  17

44- same here. It happened to like 10 different kids at my school because someone decided to bring lunch from a Mexican restaurant and dared everyone to take a bite from some spicy pepper.

  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

RBG, I can barely handle spicy foods but i still love them :D Still, hot Cheetos are to me one of the hottest foods I've eaten, and I've had raw habeneros and stuff before :P be nice ;)

  Jammy01jams  |  2

Believe me OP I know what you mean FYL.

Tai chili pepper. It burned going in which I was use to. Burned coming out. Not expected. And holy he'll did it burn, it was like shitting over top of a camp fire. I was late for school too. Never doing that again. I was sobbing taking a dump.

  ibitehard  |  9

I remember that my cousins would have a bunch of contests seeing who could eat the most hot peppers without water. That was 5 years ago, I still don't know exactly why they did it.

  DrewsFML  |  8

The thing is a good pun is *clever*, which these puns are not.

Take the old joke:
Patient: "Doctor, I got a strawberry stuck up my butt!"
Doctor: "No problem, I have a cream for that."

While you may find the joke corny, it is very clever to use the two meanings of cream in that way.

Compare that to saying a person who had the "shits" was in a "shitty" situation. That is in no universe considered clever or funny.

  otb113  |  7

"Ouch" is no way to describe the culo burner OP had to endure.... I'm pretty sure countless "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck"s were used in the process.