By EpicUsername - 11/03/2010 01:14 - United States

Today, I was eating a hotdog. My huge Siberian Husky, upon becoming aware of this, jumped up on me. He forced his tongue into my mouth and ate the food I was in the middle of eating. FML
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EpicUsername tells us more.

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I probably should have stated in the OP that I've only had my dog for 2 months, and upon receiving him, he was immediately signed up for obedience training. In fact, he graduated last Monday.

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YDI for eating that hot dog so seductively.

Never buy flavored xondomns and go near that dog


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nommnom doggy

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burger king is awesome I love it with all my Herat

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I wuuuuvvvvv burgers!!!!! ahhhh burgers equalnlove

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OMG I PUT CHEESE ON EVERYTHING!!!!!!! watever u do don't get me started on all the things u can do with cheeessiinnnsciii

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haha admit it snickers, u woulda liked it x]

Never buy flavored xondomns and go near that dog

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Pretty hot. pics? Your life sucks.

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snick you should dog sit for the OP. that would be the only action you get for a while.

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hahaha nicee one

I disagree 82. I'd let snick do whatever she wants with me >;D anyone (girl) who can use such vocabulary that she can use....let's just cut it short there XD but yea I'd let her have her way with me. AS LONG AS MY REAR END IS SAFE FROM PENITRATION OF ANYKIND 0_0

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Thats gross... Idk how ppl let dogs lick them!!

just so you know, dogs mouths are like 10 times cleaner then ours. unless they've been digging in garbage or something

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that's really not true. lmao I can't believe people really think that.

Yeah, dogs lick their a$$ after a dump, and their mouths are cleaner? Not to mention dog that eat poop. Oh, and my male dog licks the spot after my female pees. You're going to tell me it's ok for that dog to lick me? I think not.

it's true they have less bacteria in their mouths. We have more bacteria, but a lot of it is bacteria we need/use to help keep our mouths clean :D. So it's true... but still untrue at the same time.

I heard that dogs mouths would be cleaner than ours if we never brushed our teeth.

dogs have one of the cleanest mouths in the world.. and it's called kisses.. which my Pitts give to me all the time.. not in the mouth though

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Kind of serves you right for getting a large, potentially dangerous dog and not being a responsible enough pet owner to put in the hard yards to train it properly.

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@7 how is it a potentially dangerous dog? lol it says that no where... I have 2 beautiful pitbulls :) they are usually outside when we eat though. buttt what does the "danger factor" of the dog have to do with a dog mackin on you? l

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lol totally didn't even notice she said what kind of dog she had, ahahahha... sorry I didn't think it said anything. i can't believe I didn't see that. oh wellll

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I love burger kung I love it wiht my hreat!!!!!!!

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ANY dog is potentially dangerous when they aren't trained. Size accounts into how dangerous they can be, and the bigger the dog the more vital it is to train. If the OP can't train her dog to leave her alone when she's eating and not to jump, the dog is the alpha and will do whatever it likes.

But also bites from smaller dogs are more common and harder to treat, but no on e wants to take a chihuahua seriously because they don't have a bad name for anything other than being spoiled purse dogs.

Thats pretty freakin NASTY. Yea you need a dog trainer or a new dog. But you probably liked it or else you would have pushed him away. But you letting him actually get his tounge into your mouth proves that you wanted it.

oh yeah that's smart... give the dog away bc it wasn't or is in the process of being trained. dogs are loving creatures and of you respect them and train them well they will respect you. but all dogs no matter how well trained will want people food - unless they are abused..

You obviously don't own a dog you tard. Why should he get rid of his dog for this? He just needs to train it. If you have a dog you bond with it you can't just get another dog. I have a bullmastiff :)

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teach him to ignore people food? what dog ignores people food? man your stupid

Snickers, it appears she has a thing for dogs in her mouth. She's just prejudice about what kind.

I toataly agree I have to big dogs and they wouldn't even think of doing somthing like that u so need to train your dog some mannors it not that hard u douche oh and ydi for not training your dog