By Anonymous - 27/09/2014 23:55 - United States - Flemington

Today, I realized how weak I truly am when I tore a muscle in my hand trying to discreetly fix a wedgie. FML
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Steve95401 49

That must have been an atomic wedgie.


Steve95401 49

That must have been an atomic wedgie.

Instead of telling jokes we should lend them a hand! ha...

OP is going to be afraid to fix future wedgies now. That would be horrible.

See, this is probably why he got wedgied in the first place.

Well if she's posting an FML about it. It can go two ways! 1. She did and everyone saw her. 2. She didn't and she's pissed that she didn't get it! I think it's number 1!

That has nothing to do with being weak, that's simply having lack of flexibility.

Lct1196 31

You're actually right. something similar happened to my mom when she was packing a suitcase. Sometimes, you just get stuck in an awkward position.

looks like OP might want to invest in one lmao! But it's too late now, I'm sure they'll never hear the end of it...

I bet the doctor is laughing hysterically. I mean, just take a moment and let the hilarious image sink in.

I bet the Dr. said "let's have you wash your hands before I examine them"

LRN 2 COMMANDO! Other than specific instances such as winter sports and the like, I've been freeballing since 2007. Not a single wedgie that entire time. Other than that one time I faceplanted when my ski broke.

Thank you 6 for your insightful comment. It really does enhance the deeper meaning of this FML.

orbit 22

I... What... Commando?? Really? That's terrible advice! Maybe you don't have wedgies anymore, but say your pants fall down. Then what?

orbit 22

Then your penis would be hanging out. So what, half the world has them.

Nobody wants to see some random dudes penis, that's what!

#46 it's still a little scarring to see. For instance, I went to a coffee shop to eat, and there's this insane old man who didn't wear underwear. His button and zipper was not up, and his junk is just ******* showing. My innocence was lost that day.

Commando is gross. Only 1 layer of clothing between ass/genitals and my furniture. I wouldn't invite you to my place.

Did you actually tear your muscle? Maybe it just cramped from being in a weird angle. If it did tear, go see a doctor and try to figure out how to fix this asap.

Agreed. I highly doubt a muscle was actually torn by picking a wedgie, and if it actually was torn you may want to see a doctor about that because it's not an issue of just being physically weak but probably something wrong. Muscles shouldn't just tear that easily and from doing something so un-taxing and un-strenuous as pulling a wedgie.