By Nice Guy - 29/10/2012 07:55 - United States - San Diego

Today, I noticed a rather small man being harassed by a rather large man, so I tried to help out and break it up. The small guy punched me in the face and said, "Mind your business!" The large guy laughed and fist-bumped him. FML
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noobpwn12321 6

They could have been friends messing around...

I would've smacked him in the face and said "I thought you needed a Little help"


That has to be one of the most unimaginative comments ever.

Well, it comes in a close second to "I don't know what to say" and "FYL".

Wow, way to try to scare the new guy away. Is there something inherently wrong with expressing sympathy? Is that what the FML community has become?

Doc, the FML community trying to show sympathy is the equivalent of a porcupine hugging an infant. It does neither party any good, and one is left wondering "What the **** did I do wrong?" You tried, is what you did wrong.

If he is indeed new, he could have done a lot worse for himself: cut the guy a break. he didn't say first or lol

There's a difference between expressing sympathy and being vaguely condescending.

LiterOfCola 16

Personally, this is my least favorite type of comment. There's no point to it; we don't know OP, OP will probably never read this, and it would not affect OP at all even if they did read it.

Im going to be nice and say Welcome to FML and next time don't say stupid shit pretty please.

noobpwn12321 6

They could have been friends messing around...

porcupineattack1 5

Yeah shouldn't assume so quickly

Werken247 14

Or lovers having a spat. I'm betting the short guy was the butch one.

When will people learn, Joe Pesci doesn't need anyone's help!

imavelociraptor 6

If they were just friends messing around why would he punch OP in the face? He could have just said "we were just kidding" or ignored him.

I would've smacked him in the face and said "I thought you needed a Little help"

Yea he could've shown a little gratitude.

Until the larger man punches op back in the face.

Lol yeah that's true, he should've then done a hit, and run! :D

Exactly what I was gonna say. lol That is, if OP is a fast runner.

Sounds like you solved the problem, Congrats OP!

olpally 32

Anybody else think of fat bastard and mini me from Austin powers? Lol. Fyl op.

He's not fat anymore, but his neck looks like a ******...

I though of the little guy from Family Guy, the one that always says... big whoop want to fight about it.

whiteboy896 9

Should of have stomped that runt.

klovemachine 24

I would say hit him back, OP, but he's short, so that is punishment enough :)

Vball6 19

Since when was being short a punishment?

You shouldn't have made an assumption... But at least you tried, right?

At least you're a good person for trying to break up a fight.

He was Grumpy. You should have went and told Snow White. She'd keep his ass in check.

No, I think he was an elf from the south. They tend to be more angry then the ones in the North Pole.