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  Bright_Lights  |  30

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  charvisioku  |  30

41: do you actually know what "hypocritical" means? Going through someone's phone's pretty rude to start with, but I don't know anyone dickish enough to start commenting on how 'ugly' things are in the phone's photo gallery. If it's in the phone owner's gallery and it looks home-made, it probably either means something to them or was made by them. How that compares to stepping in dog crap and saying "ew", I have no idea.

  lelo007  |  28

Haha 57!! Whether that was joking or not, I seriously laughed out loud at your comment. Luckily, I don't sweat like a whore in church or I'd have to find a better spot for my phone to stay. Though to be honest, there isn't a much better spot than the bra. Easy access and you never miss a call or text. Poor men just don't have the same luxuries as us women.

  sens3sfailing  |  28

My best gal pal keeps her phone in her bra as well. Rightfully so as well. I have taken her phone from the table it was on before and hid it in my shoe so she flipped out looking for it. That was a really funny day.

By  the_enigma1019  |  19

People tend to be ridiculous about homemade presents, until you give it to them, be glad you found out now, so that she doesn't receive a present she didn't want or deserve.

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