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Today, as my friend was rudely rummaging through my phone, she saw a picture of the pottery I've painted her for Christmas. Not only did she see it, but she also declared it ugly. That's probably the present I'm the most proud of this Christmas. FML
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Don't worry about it, OP. Your friend is uglier than your pottery, personality-wise.

It's the thought that counts. And after reading this, I thought your friend was a twat.


Don't worry about it, OP. Your friend is uglier than your pottery, personality-wise.

OP, you should give it to her anyway. With a piece of coal along with it, and say something witty.. :p

Who cares if she's ugly personality wise, looks count for everything

19 I hope you're being sarcastic.. If looks all you care for then chances are we might see an FML about you being kicked in the nuts.

19. How shallow. Sure, someone can be good looking but if their personality is trash, they are limited.

perdix 29

#1, ugly friends can be very useful. When you go out bar-hopping with them, you are the "hot one," relatively speaking.

While it was rude of her to go through OP's phone, to say her personality is shit is very hypocritical. She had no idea it was going to be her present, and I'm certain everyone has said they didn't like something or that it was ugly. Next time you avoid stepping on a piece of dog shit because its gross, I'll just say it was supposed to be your birthday/Christmas gift and you can feel like an asshole.

lilhellian and FelicityWishes - Please turn your Sarcasm Detectors on. The FML comments are always more entertaining that way.

I know most comment are sacasm, just I wasn't sure if sarcasm or trying to troll.

41: do you actually know what "hypocritical" means? Going through someone's phone's pretty rude to start with, but I don't know anyone dickish enough to start commenting on how 'ugly' things are in the phone's photo gallery. If it's in the phone owner's gallery and it looks home-made, it probably either means something to them or was made by them. How that compares to stepping in dog crap and saying "ew", I have no idea.

This is one if the reasons I keep my phone in my bra. People won't be inclined to go through it if they have to fetch it from undergarments.

JustDerpin 11

I'll do it! :) Wouldn't be the first time I have.. Teachers catching your in someones bra is so fun. :)

perdix 29

#2, Plus, certain guys have a fetish for girls with iPhone-shaped nipples. I'd ask you to call me, but that would ruin the illusion.

AphyTheBronette 15

Your not worried about boob sweat getting into the phone and causing water damage? That's why I put my phone in a secret spot in my purse.

57 Theft cop isn't going to do much. Touching a hot girls boob in public and she doesn't like, it won't be pretty.

I keep mine in my pocket.. Don't worry, that's just my banana ringing.

lelo007 11

Haha 57!! Whether that was joking or not, I seriously laughed out loud at your comment. Luckily, I don't sweat like a ***** in church or I'd have to find a better spot for my phone to stay. Though to be honest, there isn't a much better spot than the bra. Easy access and you never miss a call or text. Poor men just don't have the same luxuries as us women.

hachamecha 0

Ahhhh... You don't know my friends -.-"

Or just create a password to secure your phone, jeez.

My best gal pal keeps her phone in her bra as well. Rightfully so as well. I have taken her phone from the table it was on before and hid it in my shoe so she flipped out looking for it. That was a really funny day.

I'd give it to someone who would actually appreciate it, and get her something really ugly.

I wouldn't even get her anything after that rude comment! Well, maybe some coal to warm that frozen heart of hers, but that's it.

Give it to someone who might appreciate it better...I'd be really touched if someone went to that much effort to make me a Christmas present :-P

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People tend to be ridiculous about homemade presents, until you give it to them, be glad you found out now, so that she doesn't receive a present she didn't want or deserve.

It's the thought that counts. And after reading this, I thought your friend was a twat.

Obey_StudBoii 23

OP, it's the thought that counts. Give it to someone that deserves it and will appreciate it more!

Everybody can't appreciate art OP. Anyway im sure it was good :). Even if it wasn't good enough you deserve appreciation for putting efforts.