By Funless - 18/08/2010 16:52 - United States

Today, I was invited to a party, but I didn't attend because my boyfriend would be disappointed with me. Instead, I spent the night with him watching movies. At the end of the night, he broke up with me because I wasn't fun enough. FML
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YDI, r u his bitch or ur own person?

Your fault for letting him control you. And btw going to a party doesn't make you fun, anyone can go to a party.


YDI, r u his bitch or ur own person?

I guess the OP was too sad because of not going to the party, so she hardly was fun that evening. FYL for your bf's pathetic argument for breaking up.


Why didnt ya go to the party with him?

its funny because he broke up with u over a movie

it's official. scroll should be throat fucked onto a reverse tracheotomy

it's funny because you couldn't go to a party because you were being dumped

#1 you said it all. In a perfect world, no other comments would be necessary

ydi for being a Buzz Killington

31 in a perfect world, your bitchiness would go to waste.

Haha. But we don't live in a perfect world. "We thought we could be decent men in an indecent time." Anyone know who said this?

But iicaptain, nobody ever gets what you're saying, I thought you'd know that by now! :o

In a perfect world... Oh fuck that shit. I hate the perfect world. I want an imperfect world dammit! That way I can still be an asshole to SOMEONE. :(

#44, are you the same guy that is called 'sweet' further in the comments? :p

#47 - Supposedly, yeah. I don't see how though. I guess because of my mentality of how I treat significant others. I don't know though. O.o

#49 yes I know why she called you sweet. I just thought is was funny because in the same comment section you claim to be an asshole. Anyway, I'm off now, goodmorning, goodafternoon and goodnight to whoever feels addressed.

#51 - I wouldn't say an asshole per say. Just to people who deserve it. Otherwise I try to be nice. I guess. But good night!

sing it op; Hate me today hate me tomorrow hate me for all the things I didn't do for you hate me in ways, yeah ways hard to swallow hate me so you can finally see what's good for you

YDI for being invited to a party, but you didn't attend because your boyfriend would be disappointed with you. Instead, you spent the night with him watching movies. At the end of the night, he broke up with you because you weren't fun enough. FYL

iggy: lol, what?

movies can be ..ahem.. "fun" lol THATS why he's disappointed :p

go die??? =/ go fetch

and her boyfriend's like a dad, just like a dad

you look like slim shady"

NaeNae6 - That's not really true. Not all guys need sex to be interested in the other person. I'm interested in people because of who they are.

this is why they need to make a " I guess tht kinda sucks but at least you don't live in Africa" button.

o wrong fml watevs

captain -- I've seen those commercials! pendatik -- Lou Reed ftw.

that should teach u to always b urself n not worry about what other people think of u.

Yeah 70 I was with my last girl for 2+ months and I was only able to feel her up, but I liked her and stayed with her until summer. That's the only reason we split, although it did stink not getting anything.=

that was a dick move. but I understand how he feels about the party thing. the thought of my girlfriend partying gets me worried about her and what might happen and she feels the same way so we just don't party in general. it's too bad that you don't have that mutual appreciation of each others company.

It's because I watch too much tv. :D

I love degrassi

you shoulda just spread your legs wide open like any other whore

first #1 comment that didn't suck :). and op why didn't you just take him with you to the party? and he never said he didn't want you to go tithe party so ydi for assuming. it makes an ass out of u and me

damn right u tell her boy

sex is Good, it increases the intensitiy in a relationship but it has to be passionate. idk y I wrote that I don't usually write comments like that

NaeNae6 is fucking awesome, and if you don't think so, I will fight you.

in a real world he does get laid, ak your mom how sore she is ;)

in a perfect world ill be tapping your ass ;)

Your fault for letting him control you. And btw going to a party doesn't make you fun, anyone can go to a party.

Fuck him girl go out have fun hey your SINGLE!!! Woot woot

^ you would make a great counselor

^ you would make a great counselor

^ you would make a great counselor

^ you would make a great counselor

^ you would make a great counselor

Oh pendatik, you and your crazy Queen's English! We use counsellor for lawyers and counselor for therapists. But I'm guessing you knew that already. ;)

hey I agree woot woot my names Carmen too :)

He was obviously dragging you down!! Make up for all the lost time & party like a rockstar, op!!!

It sounds like he was just reaching for an excuse to dump you. He's a DOUCHE!! Learn from it & rub it in his face by showing up at ALL parties!!!! =}~

I like how that ugly girl at #70 went right for sex. ha, that's slutastrophe

first, naenae is cute and second if she is spending the night with him and his reason for breaking up with her is that she's boring then most likely that is where he's coming from... unless he wanted to play candyland with her, which unless he's 6 I highly doubt

99, I'm gonna have to fight you now

He would be disappointed in you? What is he, your dad? YDI for dating a self righteous ass and letting him control you.

#2 can I go to a party will I be fun

hey maybe next time youll go to the party instead of watching up with your boyfriend who was obviously just using you to make his life sound interesting. even though you'll never be invited to one again OP.

What an ass. Be glad that you're not with him anymore, OP! It sounds like he wasn't worth your time.

Jeesh, he sounds like an asshole. I would have had fun spending time with my girlfriend no matter what. If she was still around. Lol.

awe #14 ur too sweet too bad most men aren't like u

Thank you. I don't think highly of myself just because I'm like that though. It's just how I am. Lol.