By anonymous - 10/11/2015 22:15 - Czech Republic

Today, my boyfriend, who is rather large, picked me up to give me a hug, and some over-eager security guard actually pointed his taser at him and told him to put me down. So he put me down and tried to ask what he'd done wrong. The bastard tased him for acting aggressively. FML
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Your boyfriend certainly felt the spark in your relationship.


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Idk what the laws are in Czech since that's where OP is from. But still, it's ridiculous he had to be tazed for hugging his girlfriend

It's actually battery, because battery is physical, and assault is a threat.

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Because this comes up a lot: In general, we have assault (a credible threat to or attempt to cause harm through unwanted contact) and battery (actually causing harm through unwanted contact). However, the actual statutes vary in definition and name for every country, state, province, prefect, county, and city that addresses them. In some places assault is a blanket term and covers both. In some places verbal battery is a thing. So you're probably both right, but only locally.

I'd call it battery because that's what powers the tazer.

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I swear police and guards these days are so ******* retarded and sexist towards men.

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This sounds more like F your boyfriend's life. But in all seriousness, I hope you reported it to whoever was in charge. That's not okay.

Did the guard think your boyfriend was just going around lifting people up and hugging them?

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If he'd been paying attention he'd have seen it was a hug and that the girl was not struggling or in danger.

Not to mention he tazed him after he put her down for just asking what he did.

Cads' sarcasm is so advanced he gets downvoted hardcore. On a serious note: OP should press charges. Police brutality is becoming more evident and it's getting out of control.

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The guy was a security guard not a cop

79, while he is a security guard, he could have been trained as a police officer, and in some places, security guards are actually olive officers.

Except it was in the Czech Republic. It even says RIGHT UNDER THE FML! Please pay attention.

The app doesn't say where they're from. And it does sound like an American thing to happen

The app actually does say where they're from, though.

Except it doesn't because I'm viewing on my mobile ^_________^ Please don't make assumptions.

Just like I assumed America because America's far too trigger happy ^____^

It literally says where they're from right under the fml...

Hope ur guy waited for security guards shift to finish.. N give him a nice tour of parking lot..

I would have given him the choice of assault charges or a return ass beating for not verbally figuring out what was going on before pulling the trigger!