By LizLiao - United States
Today, I was running down the hallway when a door opens and hits me right on the face. I'm sitting there with my nose bleeding and a huge bump forming on my head. The guy who comes out is hugely fat, tries to help me up, trips, and falls on me. I accidentally groped his moobs while trying to push him off. FML
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  cecilk  |  29

I'm sure OP knows that now. Some things you have to learn the hard way. I did too. Lost my two front teeth that way (luckily at an age where I still got a second chance). And I didn't even have the excuse that the door suddenly opened. It was open the whole time and I just didn't see it.

  Amanyyyyyy  |  29

A lot of buildings have them, actually. Apparently having them open inside can be a fire hazard or something. But if you ask me it's still dangerous because people can still get hit by them...

By  Thorr_fml  |  0


Most doors open into hallways, it's a safety precaution in case of a fire (if you're in a burning room chances are your first instinct is to push the door open to get to the hallway to escape).

To the OP:

Don't run down halls. Especially don't do it in range of opening doors. He was trying to be nice helping you up, don't be a stuck up little brat.