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Captain Badass

Today, a man pulled me violently into an alleyway and informed me I was being mugged. Being a body-builder, I said, "Oh yeah? Go on then." He kicked my ass in a matter of seconds, stole my wallet, then farted on my bruised face. He called me a wimp. FML
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  aussie_gemini  |  5

I had someone attempt to rob me once... I'm a kick boxer and my man a boxer, my bf beat he's ass... I guess that's the difference between the skill of martial arts and the plastic muscles of body builders! YDI

the fart on the face is just priceless tho! haha

  GunReaper  |  0

I think the OP's a dumbass. when your being mugged your supposed to hit the guy as fast as you can. not say"hey try to punch me in the face" paraphrasing of course

  Krajjan  |  9

I've been well-trained in several forms of martial arts, including MCMAP and Krav Maga. If there is one thing I've learned, it's that in that situation you must assume he means to cause you bodily injury if you don't comply. And if you don't want to comply, your first action should be to produce or improvise a weapon and violently disable your attacker. Points for famous last words, though.

  cradle6  |  13

I'm really into Krav Maga, been doing it for a while. I'd recommend it to anyone who can handle it. I love it.

OP, your overconfidence screwed you over. You got lucky he wasn't armed. You could have died. Either immediately attack and create distance, or fully comply. Do NOT antagonize your assailant.

  UrDunSon  |  0

Im not a kick boxer I'm a cock fighter, it's the art of one appendage it takes years to learn and the internet. Try taking rock hard hits to the body.


Comment made me smile appreciatively. Yeah, most of the time bodybuilders are weak. They look strong because they starve themselves and use steroids. Strongmen, that's where it's at.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Even if they were strong.. Who cares? If you can't throw a punch quickly and efficiently enough.. You're screwed. It's not always about strength, but skill. When I was in tae kwon do, I saw a 7 year old girl get paired up with a 13 year old boy. He knocked the air out of her with one punch in the first round.. Then she pwned his ass for the other two. Best. Sight. Ever.

  mr_miyagi  |  0

really, bodybuilders are weak and can only lift weights cuz of steroids? that makes no sense. the steroid help them build muscles bigger and faster, making them much stronger. and they dont starve themselves at all, they have to eat much more in order to build the muscle.


True, if you don't know how to fight, don't try and show off, that's how you get messed up. He wouldn't want to fight after a good punch too the throat and not being able to breath for a some precious time.

  tammy0312  |  6

Exactly, when you're too bulky your range is
limited and slower. As long as they know where your weak spots are they can easily bring you down. YDI

  kofinater  |  3

a few body builders can't even wipe their own asses why would they be able to throw or dodge a punch? A lot of martial arts is mechanical advantage anyways if you don't know how to fight it doesnt matter how huge you are.

  felixshen  |  18

He deserves it for not having a real job. Body building is a waste of food and time. It doesn't make you healthy or particularly useful to society.

  yzf250rider88  |  2

how is he lying about being a body builder? that's going to be the outcome every tile unless you know how to actually fight. just cause you can lift 350lbs doesn't mean you know how to throw a punch. I've seen a guy half the size of another dude wreck the other guy so size and strength has no effect unless your wrestling then you might have a weight advantage but that's about it