By Anon - 19/12/2009 16:07 - United States

Today, I was standing in line at a coffee shop and I noticed that there was a bug on the guys face in front of me. Trying to be nice I lightly smacked it off. His reaction was to punch me in the face. Repeatedly. FML
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wtf.. why would you do that.

You should have said something like "Excuse me, you have something on your face" You don't touch strangers unless you have had at least 50cl of vodka.


stuppid faggot first posters anywho, ydi fer touchin another mans face

You touched another mans face. You had it coming jackass.

Thabb 0

Couldn't you just say "there's a bug on your face"?

gotta agree with this dude

KarinaLizeth18 5

hahaha!!! Priceless :D thank you lord for giving me mental pictures of this muahahahaha >:D

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134 I have mental pictures of you getting hit by the same guy...repeatedly

wtf.. why would you do that.

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I really hope this "justareaderoffml" person is just our newest troll. Please, dear Flying Spaghetti Monster... Please.

please be a troll... we don't need another fucktard...

u must be gay

I am losing faith in humanity......... One ticket off this rock please! Wait.... Wtf screw that, you get off!! I like it here.

Don't smack it off of him. Just tell him it's there

22cute 17

Yes duh!

You should have said something like "Excuse me, you have something on your face" You don't touch strangers unless you have had at least 50cl of vodka.

Fucking lightweight.

Hey, she's a little girl. Half a liter of vodka would get most girls pretty messed up.

11 shots of vodka? That would get pretty much anyone messed up.

I said AT LEAST, you know that stage where you are past tipsy, but not quite drunk.

Triniddy 0

yeah, don't just smack it. he'll be like wtf.

frivolous 0

what'd you think he'd do? "Thanks for bitch-slapping a bug offa my face?"

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Why would you do that? Considering you're a guy, would you like it if another strange male touched your face?

Oh yeah. I LOOOVE it when random men start touching my face without warning.

NotEven 0

If you were going to swat the bug away, the LEAST you could have done was precede it with "you have a bug on your face". Then maybe he'd have known wth you were doing and wouldn't have reacted the way he did.

maybe it was his pet...swatting someones pet off their face is kind of a dick thing to do.

LOLOL! thats fucking hilarious and your is a very dick thing to do.

:( my pet fly bill died yesterday.... he was swatted at. i had on a little leash. i used a string wen he was asleep... now im sad

SweetestSin 4

I call bullshit!! Wht would you lightly smack it off when you could just open your mouth and say somethinglike "Hey you have a bug on your face"? Lightly smack my face I would repeatedly punch yours as well.

youjustmademelol 4

^ it's cause he's a dumb ass I agree though its not hard to say you have a bug right there.