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  beelzebub777  |  0

agreed lol. I don't know if "right," was the right choice of words for the situation. They didn't think you wanted to join, they just "whapped" your "happy sacks" for fun. I know I would have. This story made me laugh.

  blankaex  |  0

If you're a teacher, you have a bad choice of words, but it sounds like you're a student. The kind that sucks up to teachers and makes everyone do the right thing and cocky and all thar, so YDI.


i'm not trying to just shove a cheesy moral at you or anything, but there's this saying that goes something like "the one that is worse than a crime is to watch a crime happening and do nothing."

  CFR  |  0

Are you serious #90?
How would you feel if you were getting the shit kicked (or stabbed) out of you and a huge group of people stood by and did nothing even though they were perfectly capable of helping you? It's called bystander syndrome, and it's the same as murder.


nope, that old saying is really just something they made up to get stupid people hurt because in those days they didnt have internet to keep themselves entertained. just joking, but seriously if someone is going to try to break up a fight they better make sure they are capable of beating the living crap out of the other person first.

  Beckaley  |  0

And he deserves it for yelling "Right!" as he went to break up the fight. He is realllllly making himself seem like geek trying to look tough.

  abcdefg52  |  0

I agree, how is watching a crime worse than doing it?
It's still pretty bad, but it's not as worse as making the crime, and can't in anyway be compared to murder, like #104 does.

  Link5794  |  18

I think 6 was lol'ing at 4's comment, not saying he was 4th.

Btw, why the FUCK would someone say "Right" immediately before going to break up a fight?