By punchedhelper - 20/06/2012 23:27 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, I saw an old man struggling with three bags, so I offered to carry them for him. He must not have heard me because when I bent down to take the bags, he thought I was stealing them and punched me in the face. FML
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I guess you should have waited for an answer.

Next time, make sure you get a response before picking up a strangers' bags


Yeah "helping". We all know what your true intentions were OP. To simply help an old man. Speak louder next time!

LegalyWhite 7

Offer him batteries for his hearing aid

Old men like their bags being grabbed, but just not by ugly or same gender people. Ok I'm done. :P

missamerica95 0

SkoomaKi, why are people giving you the thumbs down? I thought your comment was fine. Tough crowd on FML today!

Ya I know what you mean! People are too over-sensitive lately

william8691 10

First a girl tries mug a guy and gets head-butted, now one tries to steal an old guy's bags? WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR WOMEN TODAY!! Lol

1, I thought you were clever :-). But most people are probably thinking that the poor old man probably got mugged before or his elderly friend did. Therefore, he's scared of strangers.

I guess you should have waited for an answer.

or made sure he actually HEARD what she said..

Yeah, by waiting for an answer.

lol. actually i meant some type of recognition that he heard OP saying she would help w/ the bags, because not everybody is polite enough to say "yes please. thank you," or "no thanks, i can do it myself."

hockeyoceancity 13

You know what i realize on FML, girls around the same age HATE eachother and try to make eachother seem stupid. Am i the only one who sees this all the time?

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51- Girls on FML... Close to the same age.... I believe you mean girls no matter where or their age tend to cut other girls down, and the one who is criticizing seems to come out on top 90% of the time.

Girls hate each other automatically. Who knows why.

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Lol ur pic matches

He's elderly, therefore he possibly has some difficulty hearing. You should have had the common sense to speak louder then you usually would, OP.

And to not assume that silence means yes.

cheetahbaby96 8

So when approaching someone elderly, always speak at an abnormally high volume? Got it.

HungerGames95 13

I hope when I'm old people don't yell when trying to speak to me. Those people are horrible at drive-thrus, I can only imagine how it is when they're standing right next to you...

HungerGames95 13

21- your picture goes perfect with your comment!:)

21- No one said abnormally high. You're exaggerating. I'm just saying, slightly louder, in case they DO have hearing problems. I'm sure having to say what you have to say once is better then having to say it 10 times because they couldn't hear you.

Next time, make sure you get a response before picking up a strangers' bags

Yeah, most guys don't like it when strangers touch their bags. I find it odd that he had 3, however. He needs medical attention, or some scissors and bandages.

Hope he had a bag of frozen peas for you to put on your new black eye after you explained yourself.

iAmScrubs 19

As long as he didn't have a motorized scooter, you should consider yourself moderately lucky. Those things are equivalent to miniature steamrollers.

OOOOOOO old guy still got some gas in him huh?

Enough to hit a woman.

11 yes true but damn sad! But OP should've waited for answer! So OP YDI

He ain't struggling with those bags no more

Nice of you to offer helping but why didn't you wait for him to say, "Yes, thanks or No, I can manage"? Old folks are aware of scammers and always on guard!

egc573 40

There's power in him yet! Hope nothing was broken, like your face...or his hand.

Well you have to admit, the ski mask on your face and the gun you were holding were pretty intimidating...