By Spa Catholic - 10/06/2015 12:00 - United States - Taunton

Today, I saw a woman being mugged. I ran up to help and pushed the guy off of her. She then punched me in the face and called the cops because she was, "just living out a fantasy" and I'm, "a lunatic for trying to help." FML
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Report her for assault and then she will really be mugged. By a mug shot.

Yeah OP. How dare you for trying to help


Yeah OP. How dare you for trying to help

This is exactly why people don't step up and help anymore when this kind of stuff happens, too much stupidity in the society causing faith in humanity to deplete to an all time low...

@21 I'm pretty sure #1 was being sarcastic.

I think 21 was referring to the psycho taking her fantasies out in public.. XD

Yeah how dare him, he didnt even check his privilege before saving her. How dare he even be out in public!!

That is absolutely ridiculous! Not your fault. Well props to you for trying to help. :)

No good deed goes unpunished... sorry op

Report her for assault and then she will really be mugged. By a mug shot.

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Make your statement first, then make sure the cops don't let them near each other or they will make up a story. If it's in public there will probably be a camera that could have caught them.

Yeah, I hope they did call the cops on OP. Then the cops can call her a moron to her face and arrest her for the punch.

No, 27, it wouldn't, because self-defense has to be *reasonable*. You don't get to assume that someone trying to help you means ill, slug them, and get away with it. That's a crime.

some people have really ducked up fantasies

Steve97 32

Ya especially ones about ducks now that is really ducked up :p

Some people like to feel powerless. I don't quite understand it, as I don't particularly enjoy that, but there are people out there who like it. Which would be fine, if they would just do it someplace where it wouldn't be mistaken as actual assault.

I hate when people try to live out these kinks and fantasies in public, forcing everyone around them to indirectly participate. Save it for the privacy of your own home.

maybe she likes getting raped by a mugger

I guess she's just really into that kinky stuff

Some people are into role-play but her hitting you wasn't role-play was insult. Her role player actually put people at risk and she can be charge for that too. Don't let one idiot stop you from doing the right thing the next time you see something happen, because that person may actually need help

This is why you don't role play out side of your home. Sorry O.P.

Who the hell does this in public... Fantasies belong in the bedroom,plane , boat , beach , waterfall... You know why never mind . Really though they are dumb fro trying to act this out in public. You did the right thing.

My parents. It started out as fun and ended with him half-seriously trying to drown her in the ditch. Luckily a passing police officer put a stop to it. She laughs about it. I don't.

And that sir is how welshite is created naturally . What the hell man, I'm not sure if you are serious or not but DAMN!

No matter what, you did the right thing.