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Today, I'm so broke after paying my bills, that I resorted to eating plain garlic butter from the pizzeria down the street for lunch. The worst part: to get the butter, I stormed in and angrily complained, saying they forgot to give it to me. I never even ordered a pizza. FML
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HowAreYouToday 34

Quick thinking, OP. Try and use that skill and become a con artist :D


Never been in jail or homless, have you?

#27 - I hope that #20 hasn't been, and never will have to be!

27 - don't get me started on that ramen spread LMFAO

I knew I wasn't alone in the world!

HowAreYouToday 34

Quick thinking, OP. Try and use that skill and become a con artist :D

She could also use the technique where you go around places requesting for free samples. I hear it works quite well..

You're lucky they didn't ask for a receipt.

JoeGrant 12

Why would they ask for a receipt? It was just garlic butter, and it's usually free...

CoolRainbowdash 15

"I resorted to eating" "To get it" Clear examples it did work..

It's tough not having a lot of money:( Hang in there!

chelsearenaeee 16

You get a thumbs down for your stupid picture.

Maybe it's just me, but why dv for a pic? Shouldn't it be based on the comment.. Don't get me wrong I dislike him too..

Fairly certain the vast majority of people dislike him.

14- You get a thumbs down for your stupid comment.

50- you get thumbs down for insulting his comment

chinchily 12

52. You get thumbed down for making 14 into a "him" when she is a she. P.s. I didn't dv, just felt left out :) up vote everyone! Except Justin Beiber >:/

olpally 32

She's didn't even comment anymore and you guys are bashing her for her jb picture?? Just stop with your hating comments... This is like the 100th time this poor girl has gotten ripped for her profile pic. Get off her case... Jeebuz. Show some class.

I agree with 62. I don't like his music or anything, but she wasn't even talking about Justin Beiber. If she likes him then that's her own business. Are you going to bash everyone that has an icon/name of something/someone you don't like?

62 There will always be resentment especially on the net. People are going to want to go with the majority (a.k.a. beiber haters here.) It's sad it happens but when beiber fades out someone else will be bashed for liking the next 'Beiber'.. I actually had thought FML had grown up some for awhile there..

Although some reasons are arguably more valid (with respect to the original intent for enabling comment voting) than others, everyone is entitled to vote as they please, without having to justify their vote. That being said, I don't believe the quality of this comment is consistent with the number of down votes it is receiving. I personally abhor nearly all facets of popular culture, but that doesn't seem particularly relevant when it comes to judging a comment's value, unless some element of pop culture is explicitly stated in said comment.

chelsearenaeee 16

Actually, I messaged her and apologized. As funny as it is to us maybe, it probably hurt her feelings.

Tay_racer10 3

Yeah you wouldn't know about not having a lot of money your 14 and probably still live with your parents

CharresBarkrey 15

75 - Does bashing a 14 year old girl on the Internet make you feel better about yourself? You really shouldn't be talking when you can't even use proper grammar.

58- You get a thumbs down for-- ugh, never mind, this is stupid.

75- she is most likely supported by her parents but you do not know her background. What if her parents are poor? Don't bash a 14 year old and make a rude comment about her when you don't know her at all.

chlorinegreen 27

Way to be the bigger person 71, even though u may of said it to be funny it still may of hurt since she doesn't know you personally

I really despise you. every fml you're waving your white knight banner let's have fun and not make everything a talk show mmk? @ 97

Ha ha! Look at all the noobs picking on Lauren, as if Lauren hasn't been commenting on this site for a while now and we haven't already been through all this literally a hundred times. You guys are just making yourselves look foolish. I'm really quite surprised the moderators haven't deleted this whole thread already. They usually do when this happens, it's gotten so old.

"19 replies? The ****?" *opens thread* Ugh, THIS SHIT again.

Why didn't you get a pizza out of that deal?

Its harder to say they didnt give him a pizza then the didnt give him the garlic butter

Well, you've got some acting talent, OP. Whether you use it for good or evil is your choice

chelsearenaeee 16

I'm broke for a couple weeks too. Them feels

Yet you can still afford to use a computer..

chelsearenaeee 16

^yeah, let's think before you type. A vacation in Vegas really drains your money though

Like he knew that prior to him typing his comment. P.S That's what happens when you pay off a Chinese mobster who took your friend, Doug.

WeAreAHurricane 14

Good call 77. I too buy myself a new computer every time I type up a comment on FML.

It's ok, we all grew up with Disney's 'Aladdin.' We'll give thievery a pass as long as it's for food.

Imhere4fml 24

"Aladdin told me to do it."

You need another solution, don't think this would work for long. A job perhaps ?

Just because some has a job doesn't mean they're not broke.. Minimum wage + bills = not alotta money if any left..

I would assume OP already has a job since they said they are broke after paying bills.

BellaBelle_fml 23

I'm broke even before I pay my bills :/