By Anonymous - 11/3/2021 16:30 - United States - Enterprise


Today, I ordered a large stuffed crust supreme pizza for myself. When I picked it up, I asked for extra plates and napkins so the cashier wouldn't know I don't have any friends. FML
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  Ali Nayeri  |  4

Literally lol. Besides, how exactly would they know if you were sharing the pizza or not? During covid right now we're encouraged to send only one person from the household to do grocery shopping, for example. Also anyone who works in retails knows we forget people's faces like 2 minutes after serving them 😂

By  RichardPencil  |  30

The main challenge the cashier is how to most harshly judge you either for being a glutton who will eat a large pizza in one sitting, or for being lazy for asking for extra plates so you do have to wash dishes, or for thinking you could fool a pizza-shop cashier.

Given social rank of pizza-shop cashiers, I suggest you move to a new continent where you can start with fresh reputation.

By  giraffe_poop  |  8

Idk, but all this talk about pizza is making me hungry.

  giraffe_poop  |  8