By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Brighton
Today, I received an email from my friend in South Africa, with whom I'll soon be staying for 2 months. She was telling me that she had bought me a few things so I would be prepared for my stay. What did she buy me? A taser and some pepper-spray. FML
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  Quizzical  |  8

Not giving a rape whistle doesn't mean there's no danger of rape. It just means her friend's practical: a Taser or pepper spray might physically stop an attack, a whistle is just a hope to stop it.

  gracehi  |  31

Yeah, I think a rape whistle would be utterly useless. Who hears a whistle and automatically thinks, "Oh no! That whistle can only mean that someone is being brutally attacked. I should run in the direction of that whistle on the off chance I'll actually find the location this crime is being committed, then immediately put myself in harm's way to help a total stranger." It's like not bothering to learn how to change a tire and deciding that if you ever get a flat you'll turn your hazard lights on in the hopes that someone who does know how to change a tire will stop and help you.


Here in South Africa a rape whistle would be of absolutely no use.

A taser and pepper spray would up her chances a bit, I'd say all the way up to a 44.6% of not getting raped! ;p

  ThatsMyPie  |  20

40 - Is Johannesburg that bad compared to the rest of the country? I thought it was all bad. I know a family from there who moved to Melbourne to escape the crime.

  stargirl_95  |  24

#40 the crime depends on what part of the country you're in. Some places are a lot safer than others. In Johannesburg alone you're generally fine in Sandton but you're completely screwed if you go to Hillbrow or Newtown (CBD area)


Stop talking through your arse #133 -

If you apply a small bit of logic, and not be stupid by walking around in Jhb late at night, you will be fine.

Like anywhere else, during the day everybody there is just on their way to and from work.


Yeees, and the friends who had a machete pulled out on them, were just over-exaggerating...were they?! Look at the crime stats for South Africa. Or were they extracted from my rectum too?