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Today, the guy I'm dating came into the same restaurant where I was eating. He was with a girl. He sat at the table next to mine and didn't even bother to say, "Hi." I guess I'm single again. FML
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You know, just because he is eating with a girl, doesn't mean he is on a date. It could have been family. He may not have even noticed you. You should talk to him before assuming.

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Nothing stopping you from saying it :P


dca101 23

Nothing stopping you from saying it :P

I hope you weren't dating for too long, OP.

Saying "IT" here we go Give my bill to him Is this your sister Welcome to this episode of cheaters

The downfall of most relationships: lack of communication.

And whatever's closest to you all over him.

I agree with 1 - 1) you didn't say hi to him either... He could've not noticed you. Also, were you at a restaurant by yourself? Another thing, you didn't mention the kind of place it was, but consider you were there without your boyfriend I'm guessing it wasn't a romantic type place... Guys do have females whom are simply friends, or family. Why do you automatically assume he was on a date?

You know, just because he is eating with a girl, doesn't mean he is on a date. It could have been family. He may not have even noticed you. You should talk to him before assuming.

That's a good point but to be fair, if it was an innocent dinner he would have acknowledged his girlfriend and it's also hard to miss someone you know if you end up at the next table.

I'm hoping for OP's sake, that she was simply overreacting. It definitely is possible that her guy is an asswad.

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He sat at the table next hers and didn't notice her? If he didn't than he's horribly unobservant...or blind. I think it's safe to assume he knew she was there. And if he did (and we are assuming he did) than if the girl he was with was family he would have introduced them.

He most likely would have said hi if it a family member. If it was a date, he probably wouldn't have said hi so he doesn't piss off or confuse the chick he's with.

Maybe they went out on a blind date where he wished he was blind..

Actually, 21, I was beginning to think that.

Not seeing her from the table next to hers? Unless the guy has a very strong sight problem, I don't see how it is possible. So either he has a twin she has not heard of yet (which seems a bit far-fetched but why not) or he is just a douchebag. OP, it's a shame if you didn't confront him. Even getting up and say a friendly hello and a kiss could have been worth while to see his reaction. But I imagine you must have stunned. If he ignored you on purpose, simply count your blessings for not wasting more time with him.

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The statement by the OP, "The guy I'm dating" lead me to believe that they were just starting out or weren't very serious yet because if they had been together for a while or were serious already, don't you think she would have said, "My boyfriend"? Who knows the truth, that's just my line of thought based on how the FML was written.

#13 and 27, I initially felt he'd at least have heard and recognized her voice from the next table over, even if he couldn't see her -- then I thought through that I've been in plenty of restaurants that are so loud I've had trouble hearing people at the SAME table, let alone at nearby ones. I'm guessing there were factors OP couldn't fit in the post limit that make it clear she was being ignored and/or that the boyfriend was on a date. Based only on what was included, though, it's still possible the situation was innocent.

that's so sleazy. if you choose other people over the one youre dating, youre obviously not interested in them enough. so it makes more sense to break things off.

I thought the same thing. It's what society expects nowadays I guess. One date and it official.

Maybe it wasn't him at all. Maybe he forgot to tell OP he has a twin. It is also possible that he broke up with her and OP is refusing to let go. She probably already moved her stuff in his house.

He noticed her. He hoped that she thought he didn't.

God, that's awful. Seems like there's more to it though.

Sounds like he's a player. If that's the case, win for you. There are better men out there.

Oh wow. If it is how it sounds, you can probably do better anyway.

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Unrelated to the FML; You have quite lovely hair and it makes your eyes pop nicely. Not creeping, I'm happily married, I just wanted to brighten your day :)

24- that's so nice! Much better than the usual 'your hot' comments I see a lot. your a lovely person for saying that!

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26- Anytime! :D it's always a pleasure to know I put a smile on at least one person's face every day. 30- Thank you for your kind words, I wasn't sure how my comment would be received by the FML community, since most of the time when somebody says something like what I said people tend to thumb them down :( It's a shame really, shouldn't we encourage kind words? But I will admit there's been a lot of creepers saying vulgar and inappropriate things, which makes it difficult for truly nice people to comment for fear of being labeled as a 'creeper' or 'perv'. It's the same basic principle that causes an internal battle on wether or not someone should hold the door or any kind gesture for another person, male or female, for fear of being verbally, and sometimes physically, abused for being a 'sexist'. My main goal in life is just to help others and put smiles on as many faces as I can. And that's why I'm a nurse!

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This thread in general has brightened my day :-)

Wow! That's extremely awkward! Don't worry, OP. You don't need that guy.

Before assuming your single again, ask him about it. Maybe it was a business meeting thing.

Lol....If u listen to this person might as well get a tattoo of the word sucker on your forehead as well

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No need to be rude, they were simply trying to look on the bright side and give him the benefit of the doubt. Since no one knows for sure what happens previously and after the fact all we can do really is to assume certain things or try to come up with a reasonable explanation.

It is possible that it's his sister/cousin/other female relative and that he just didn't see you...of course it's more likely that he's just a dick.

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Maybe you should take a woman out on a date where he's at.... Ehh? Ehhh?

For some reason I don't think it would have the same effect..,