Roommate from hell #457

By Theguyinthedark - 30/06/2016 13:23 - Bangladesh

Today, my roommate and I were watching TV, and he ordered a pizza. After it was delivered, I took a slice. He yelled at me for taking his food and told me to stop mooching off him. I had to cover his rent last month and he still hasn't paid me back. FML
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Remind him of the rent situation....and help yourself to another slice....

Kick his ass out and get another roommate.


Remind him of the rent situation....and help yourself to another slice....

or take the rest of the pizza as a down payment for the rent

Kick his ass out and get another roommate.

Then we'll see an FML of him getting kicked out because his roommate took his pizza

Okay, okay, not cool for the rent. But you ate his damn pizza! I kinda want to be on his side here. Eat a slice of my pizza and I go Hulk right away. :D

A slice of pizza cannot be equal to a half of a rent payment. A pizza generally costs $15 while half a rent could be $500+

Guys, I was kidding. Of course a pizza does not equal a rent. I thought it was pretty obvious! ^^

Borrow over 300 dollars from me, not pay it back and get stingy makes me go king king on someone's ass.

Did you tell your roommate "what are you doing in my apartment? Really man stop mooching off of me."

Karma will catch up with them , Selfish people are always the worst


okay so I get both sides of this. I currently, until tomorrow yay!, live with my parents. I do not pay rent with them but I do pay for everything I need plus food and even sometimes loan my mom money. I respect that my parents pay for my roof and all of that. So I feel bad for asking them to not eat my food. I am trying to save up and its hard to do when 4 other people eat all of your stuff. If your roommate is asking you to not eat his food it MIGHT be because he is broke and is planning on that food covering more than just 1 meal. if you are eating it then he is being forced to buy more food than planned which means it's harder on him to cover his side of things. You shouldn't need to cover his rent and for that I would def say that he needs to cover rent alone this month. just wanted to offer up another side.

This is a different situation. It's one thing when you live with your parents. Pizza Man is mooching off his roommate by not paying his share of the rent. And OP should have said something there and then about the unpaid loan for last month's rent and asked who's the moocher. Now, maybe it was a bit rude to just take a slice of pizza without asking, but the hypocrisy on behalf of Pizza Man is breathtaking.

If you're barely scraping by and you need food that will last you and is cheap, pizza is not the way to go at all. Maybe if op ate some of pizza man's top ramen or some other cheap filler food, but pizza is pretty costly. We can assume that pizza man has a job, since he can buy pizza and this post would be a lot different if he didn't, he could easily start buying cheap filler foods and use the money he saves throughout the month to pay rent.

Tell him the pizza slice was "interest" on the rent money he hasn't paid back.

Did you take the biggest motherfucking slice you could?