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Today, I caught my husband once again looking at half naked pictures of a friend of mine on Facebook. When I asked why he did it, he said "I was checking to see if they were still there." FML
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Post yours in revenge...and give us the link :p

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Yeaaa but if he's married he should have some self control. It's not like he was forces to look at them.


blackheart24 10

At least they were only half naked... I keed I keed, he's an asshole.

Post yours in revenge...and give us the link :p

blackheart24 10

At least they were only half naked... I keed I keed, he's an asshole.

Don't blame the husband. If your friend has slutty pictures, it's inevitable that she's gonna attract males.

blackheart24 10

Yeaaa but if he's married he should have some self control. It's not like he was forces to look at them.

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44 yeah it'll attract some males. It doesn't mean that the husband can't stop himself from looking. He has some say in it.

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Maybe her friend is a guy , and he's looking at half naked pictures of him...

Baby im sorry your friend is so much hotter :)

He can't say the truth cuz he doesn't wana sleep outside.

110: chatroullette is a website where you webcam with random people all over the world. The vast majority are people's penises/jacking off. I think 109 was trying to say that at least OP's husband was not going to CR to look at penises. but I honestly have no idea.

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Ya I think we know what 109 does when they aren't on fml.

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I dunno man... Your profile is a little trollish.

Half naked? Which side, the right or the left?

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For 103: Blondes... No matter if it's natural or bleached they all have some degree of ignorance.

If I caught my boyfriend doing that I'd probably become paranoid of them both. **** is fine, but deliberately looking up your boyfriend/girlfriends pictures to get aroused is a BIG no no. You should show your partner a lot more respect than that.

...And, I fail for life for not checking that comment properly. *boyfriend/girlfriend FRIENDS pictures....

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fyl totally. your husbands straight you should kill your self

For educational purposes, we will need the pictures of your friend.

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Married people shouldn't have face books. I seen it cause a lots of problems.

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155 everyone has a certain degree of ignorance, so stfu stereotyping bastard

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Hes just concerned for her .. Leave him alone !

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Yes, because repeatedly checking for half naked pictures is a normal way to show concern.

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He is just concerned for her... Leave him alone! (SARCASM)

It was a joke, why have so many people thumbed him down?

That doesn't mean he should be looking at them

At least he's being honest with you.

That's the shadow of her hair, you ******* moron. Get the **** back under your bridge, you troll, before I insert a Coke bottle so far up your ass your nose will feel fizzy. Asshole.

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But, doc, how do you really feel?

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Dammit, scratch that comment his post was deleted.

At least you didn't post some random "at least" comment to be in the first commenters and get attention. Or...

At least he wasnt looking at half naked pictures of guys

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Wanna go jack off to lifeless internet **** instead of random profile pictures, 125?

Oh I'm sorry will you have sexual intercourse with me #4

I said AT LEAST. I'm looking on the bright side. Calm your ****.

To say he just wanted to see if they're still there is being dishonest about his intentions. He just wanted to look at her half-naked friend.

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I don't think that's honesty sweetheart...

Interesting how some people are tools.. I posted the exact same comment as the one above a few weeks ago in the same context and thumbed myself up, which resulted in something like 40 thumbs up. This time I thumbed myself down and look at the result.

Well it 'could' be honesty, without knowing the OP's hubby I refuse to jump to the conclusion that he is the stereotypical male and admit the possibility that he was telling the truth.

You know the phrase "You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say can and will be used agaisnt you." ? Well, it also happens on FML. The urge to comment just when an FML is posted to be in the first comments is not a reason to write random, pointless comments.

Lmao take ur own advise ur the one who felt the need to reply to the "pointless comment" it's called an opinion & the fact that you felt the need to reply to my opinion let's me assume u may do this to the other millions of "pointless comments" therefore telling me and everyone else who reads this conversation tht you have no life and tht must suck FYL =]

215- therefore stfu and finish your words. Itll "def" help.

& of course each of u are still in your teens

So? We can actually spell words correctly.

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Thats probably a sign that you need to step it up..

OP is just being pessimistic. They aren't half naked pictures, they're half clothed pictures

I hope I never end up with someone like OPs man. I'd want him only to want me. I'd be really hurt if he was interested in my friend.

Good luck. Guys generally aren't wired that way. We do, however, generally know where our bread is buttered, so we don't act on the desire for variety. But you can't stop him from thinking.

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damn!!! your acting like the dudes mom. 1 there just pictures. 2 there not even full nudes. I hope you not as b***hy with other things, but you proli are... fhl

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part of the problem I would imagine is that is isn't just some random **** star or celebrity, it's a friend, someone she knows . in my opinion that makes it different because the likelihood of him finding a **** star and having an affair is obviously much lower than him having an affair with her friend .

rldostie 19

I don't really have an issue with my husband looking at ****, though I simple prefer not to know. But I would have a HUGE issue with him looking at such pictures of a friend of mine, because that would mean he's sexually attracted to someone we know and see often, and I would wonder if every time we were together with that friend, if he's picturing her half naked of thinking of fuckig her. Likewise, I would wonder. If a fried that do easily would post pictures of herself might be so desperate for attention, that she'd go for a married man. MY married man. So yeah. That's why **** is different from pictures of friends.

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#8: Here, just so you can look as if you're a little tolerable. Damn! You're acting like your husbands mom. One; they're just pictures. Two; they're not even full nudes. I hope you're not as bitchy with other things, but you probably are. **** his life. I don't know about you, #8, but if I were married, I wouldn't like my husband seeing any other woman who isn't fully clothed other than myself (in most circumstances!)

Dude, Facebook is being overrun by vile images of death, and ****. He's a guy, what can you expect? You criticize him for looking at a picture the same way you would for cheating. He is just looking, theres no need to make a big deal out of it. Damn.

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Yeah. I agree and I'm a guy. I wouldn't want me GF looking at **** unless we were looking at it together to enhance our experience but it would bother me more if she was looking at sexually explicit pics of some somebody we knew. I would wonder if she was cheating or fantasizing about him when we were together.

@53... here is a heavy revelation for you honey: your husband/boyfriend DOES THINK of someone else when he ***** you... at least sometimes, and more often than you think. Just saying...

59 I've got some bad news for you, if any of your friends are sexually attractive people he IS sexually attracted to them. This sense of ownership you have over your man, that he must somehow see you and only you as attractive is an insecure delusion. You need to accept this as a fact rather than try to convince yourself it doesn't happen, half naked photos or not.

rldostie 19

Downtime, oh, I'm sure he does think about some of my friends, many of who are very good looking. But it's one thing to think about them and be sexually attracted to them, and a whole different matter of he's going out of his way to look up sexually suggestive and explicit pictures of them. No one is foolish enough to think a man or woman in a long standing relation doesn't think of other people in a sexual way. But that doesn't excuse looking at **** or **** like images of those friends.

Your justification for not accepting him looking at these images was: "because that would mean he's sexually attracted to someone we know and see often, and I would wonder if every time we were together with that friend, if he's picturing her half naked of thinking of fuckig her" So if this is the problem, and youre aware hes going to do that anyway and accept it, what exactly is the problem?

He should have said 'because there are none of you'

He should have said 'because there are none of you'

As long as he's just looking, I don't see the problem. I'm sure you look at hot guys, just tell him to stop lying about it.

"Not everyone oogles attractive people from the opposite sex" The only reason that this statement is not a bald faced lie is because gay people exist. Anyone who says that they don't still look while they are in a relationship is simply lying. She may think that he is disrespecting her, but she does it too.

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That's dumb as hell! If he'll look, he'll touch and he will cheat. Use common sense.

So I take it your parents didn't use "common sense"

#153 your comment is dumb as hell.. looking does not always lead to touching and cheating.. My fiancée looks, I look, but neither of us touches or goes beyond that and we're cool with that.

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#153 You, presumably ma'am, are an idiot.