By FoodNeeded - 25/08/2016 02:24 - Russian Federation - Moscow

Today, for breakfast, I made a butter sandwich. I'm that broke. FML
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pom3440 22

why not just toast? lol

Ah yes, I like having that too. Gives me my daily dose of calories.


pom3440 22

why not just toast? lol

Because it's over rated?

Toasters cost money

Toast overrated? <incredulous gasp> speechless. Toast is super!

You can make toast in an oven.

Houses cost money

You can make toast on any concentrated heat source. I once heated pizza on an iron. I've also heated pizza on the hot part of a coffee machine beneath the pot.

shannon.elizabeth 13

no toaster probably

Ah yes, I like having that too. Gives me my daily dose of calories.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Probably not the healthiest, but I like to spread butter and sprinkle sugar on top of a piece of bread or toast when it's all I have. Every once in awhile doesn't hurt and it satisfies my sweet tooth.

At least you had breakfast. Anyways, hope things soon, OP. For the better, of course.

PeterB444 17

Why are people downvoting this?

hoosiergirl94 31

At least you can afford bread and butter. Maybe you can mix it up and throw some cheese slices in there (grilled cheese)

Or if you had an egg, you could do french toast. Bread and butter can be made into a lot of different meals with just one or two small extra ingredients.

nesteremily 31

Or an egg sandwich..kinda like an egg mcmuffin just minus the muffin lol. I must say its pretty good

I'm sure if he had an egg he probably would have eaten that. Eggs are expensive in a lot of areas.

eggs where I'm at cost $3 for 60

Holy crap! I pay 13$ for 60.

If you have an egg and some sugar you could even make yourself bread and butter pudding.

In Australia they're $6 for 12. Free range though. Battery - not that I'd ever buy - $4 for $12.

Could you not afford to toast it?

At least it wasn't a "jam" sandwich. You know? Jam 2 pieces of bread together and chow down. Seriously though, it sucks when the cash flow is a no go. It'll get better OP. Hang in there.

I think it would be quite the jam sandwich. Because OP seems to be in quite the jam.

#6 your comment was pretty funny to me. I not sure why others are disagreeing, but you have my support!

It's worse when all you have is bread and mayonnaise. As someone who had to eat a mayo sandwich for lunch regularly throughout my childhood, I can say that butter or jelly is not that bad.

69 - The sandwich in 6's description is just two pieces of bread. The "jam" in this instance is the verb form of jam, not the food.

At least you have money for breakfast. Look on the brightside OP!

Have you ever put butter on a pop tart it's so freaking good!

+1 for the family guy reference. Sorry you're being downvoted!

Those are expensive

I lived of of those as a teenager, not because i was broke, but because i love the taste! With jelly and butter its sooo much better.

neuronerd 28

If you lived in the US, I could teach you how to shop to get a week's worth of healthy and filling food for less than $10, but I'm not sure how grocery sales and coupons work in Russia. I hope things look up for you soon.

Please share this technique of yours. I for one am interested.

im also curious