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  JocelynKaulitz  |  28

Probably not the healthiest, but I like to spread butter and sprinkle sugar on top of a piece of bread or toast when it's all I have. Every once in awhile doesn't hurt and it satisfies my sweet tooth.

  kirkaygri  |  18

Or if you had an egg, you could do french toast. Bread and butter can be made into a lot of different meals with just one or two small extra ingredients.

By  Death69  |  24

At least it wasn't a "jam" sandwich. You know? Jam 2 pieces of bread together and chow down. Seriously though, it sucks when the cash flow is a no go. It'll get better OP. Hang in there.

  okaydisarray  |  17

It's worse when all you have is bread and mayonnaise. As someone who had to eat a mayo sandwich for lunch regularly throughout my childhood, I can say that butter or jelly is not that bad.

By  neuronerd  |  28

If you lived in the US, I could teach you how to shop to get a week's worth of healthy and filling food for less than $10, but I'm not sure how grocery sales and coupons work in Russia. I hope things look up for you soon.