By je_regrette_tout - / Saturday 9 March 2013 18:50 / France - Livry-gargan
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  Dontbelikeme  |  2

Actually the "alcohol part" is the biggest part of a one night stand, you literally just let a stranger get paid to have sex with you lol you should just be an escort since you have no morals

  girI  |  20

Well, perhaps technicians, (like electricians and plumbers), get paid at an hourly rate, and depending on how long it took it could've made the bill more expensive?

  pussystank  |  18

I really fine this FML to be scary though. I really hope op doesn't get STDs but just in case she becomes positive there making Vaginal creams out of bee's venom *ouch lol* for stuff like that it maybe painful but its worth it.

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