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  icrest80  |  4

Yep 61 is right you order then get salad and breadsticks, which are very warm and delicious btw. OP could've ordered a salad or something though and the breadsticks came with them


108- 2 is a lot? There are only 2 in Manitoba... Far more in bc, ontario, quebec and Alberta. Not sure about Saskatchewan or the east coast though... Haven't made it out there yet. Yay travel!

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

77- There's an Olive Garden in Winnipeg on Portage Ave where it meets St.James, I drove past that place 4 days a week. :p And besides the breadsticks, the chocolate spiked coffees are delicious. ;)


Agreed on the good idea, and hell yes it's worth it. Free usually is, even for the price of a little dignity. I would have just made sure I left the server at least buck for dealing with me and for taking up their table for what was probably an unnecessarily long amount of time. If even one dollar is too much to spare, I think it's time for a little life reevaluating.


156, you sound like a jerk. If people didn't like your service, they shouldn't be expected to tip. If they obviously loved it, that's another story. Either way, tipping isn't required...

  kamikrazy  |  6

Waiter: What can I get you?
Op: I'm waiting on my date, then I'll order.
Waiter: okay, here's some bread sticks while you wait
Op: *nibbles on breadsticks*
Op: wow.. Not again.. F this I'm leaving

By  tehdarkness  |  21

Your life sucks, but that was pretty smart! You can also go to McDonald's and say your name is in the book for a free meal credit due to a past mix up, or call ahead and complain to them. I've hit rock bottom a few times :p

  AssassinsCRB  |  0

My brothers friend went to mc donalds and bought fries and ate almost all of them and then put one of his hairs in it and went to a worker and asked for a refill because his had hair in it lol