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Today, I let my on-again, off-again boyfriend spend the night. For months we had been fighting about his new flame. After he convinced me that they are no longer an item, we had the most mind-blowing sex then we fell asleep. I awoke to him moaning her name. Followed by pelvic thrusts. FML
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You deserve it... You should have stopped fooling around with him when you found out he was into someone else.

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friends with benefits five! (scrubs reference)


New flame. Kinda like a crush but you're actually seeing the person.

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dam that sucks for u.....break up with him lolz

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friends with benefits five! (scrubs reference)

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Love the Scrubs reference. Anyhow, that sucks. But I guess it's better than him calling out her name while having sex with you...

You deserve it... You should have stopped fooling around with him when you found out he was into someone else.

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oh fuckiing witty you are with your stupid teenage vocabulary. **** you, and this stupid generation

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if you don't like the generation we're in then why do you bother staying alive in it?

Lol I find your comment amusing as you are bashing on OP for a new term yet you can't even spell. Clearly, you're a jackass.

haha u shoulda gone on top and started humping him....

Shouldn't be with him in the first place.

Yeah he convinced you they were no longer an "Item". It's so easy to fool women into thinking we don't have more than 1 women in our lives. Why have 1 when u can have 2 or 3...maybe 4. When they are no use to you just break em off like a kit-kat bar.

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#8 ur the definition of a dick

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You're going to end up a sad lonely old man. Probably with your dick cut off. one day a woman you really like is going to do that to you and you're going to get ******* hurt. and we're all going to laugh when we see your fml story on here.

#8... The sad part is how men must lie while us women will tell you that we are 'dating' other men. =) Most men are very basic and too worried about competition that you don't realize that you're being played, all the while paying for our dinners and our sparkling gifts. Trust me, by the time you're breaking one of us off like a kit kat bar, we've already been long bored with your simple game. So next time you're playing the game and breaking a poor little lady off ask yourself if her shocked heartbreak is oozing with sarcasm or not... I do agree with #9 though...

Well first of not all Women are that stupid. Most of them know it's going, we just don't let on. Second, you must find the mentally disabled ones who can't see through your smoke and mirrors. Third get a life, you're pretty pathetic to play women like that. You must be really bored. People like you are lonely, by choices of course, and it's okay that you have a really small penis and need a different women every night to make it feel bigger, that's just how pathetic you are. There's no such thing as stupid opinions, just stupid people

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Just going to clear a few this up for those dum guys our there. Women are not your property. You do not own women so having one women in your life and expecting her not to cheat on you is just stupid. You can't control other peoples actions. You may try your best to prevent these actions but people will say one this and do another. No i don't have a small penis btw, i dunno how guys with small dicks have the confidence to be with more than one woman. I can afford to have more than one partner because I am young and living my life and still looking for that right girl. Being young means having fun and living your life to the fullest not wasting your life for some other person to be happy. Once im married its a totally different story, because I will look back and see how much fun i had and when im with my wife i would not dare think of cheating on her.

Excuse the few spelling errors i just noticed ^ typing on my phone. Just because i know I'll get harassed by the grammar police.

Just because your young doesn't mean women don't have feelings. You may not think of it, but someone could fall for you. Not say anything, but fall for you none the less, then you do that. It would destroy her. She won't trust anyone again. It could ruin someone's life, that's why I get offensive like that, because it could ruin someone. People don't think of it like that, but one little action can determine someone's present and future. Don't think I don't think she deserved it a bit, because she did it to herself, but an unsuspecting person, who doesn't know about anyone else, then they find out or get dumped. Think before you act, being young isn't an excuse. You don't have to listen to me, but its true.

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And when you find that woman you want to marry, New York, you're going to find out that not only does she have an e-harmony account and her morning coffee isn't with Tasha, it's with Steve the hot accountant from Pennsylvania, but she's secretly been sleeping with your friend, hitting up a regular at the bar, and toying with a new executive at the branch she's working at. When you're a douche, it comes back around. Life's not all easy and you don't get to pick the perfect woman and then expect her to be happy with the life you led. And believe me, when you use women like you say you do, she'll know. And for the OP- WHY are you still with that guy, and why would you go back if he was playin you to begin with? Once a cheater always a cheater. He's obviously so not worth your time, love, or thoughts. Get a better guy, who is loyal.

#8, way to win over the ladies buddy! A few have posted back saying that they want to cut your manjewels off. But I'll agree that what you say applies to some people in life.

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Wow comparing women to kit-kats then trying to defend yourself by preaching to men that women are not proper to elicit sympathy. Brag about the size of your penis to someone who cares you confused misogynistic prick... & don't pull the feminist shit on me..

#70, Sadly for him I don't think he'll ever want to settle down with somebody. Some people are too in love with themselves to love someone else. He will probably be one of those people that you should always watch out for.

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YDI. Don't put yourself in that type of situation with relationships. That's some funny shit #8. you're crazy.

Well said Frivolous!! It's like why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?!?!? I'm all like "You can't get MY milk just like that!" and he's all "no problem baby, I'll buy the cow" and I'm all "ohhh I dunno! You'll be waiting well past the expiration date!!" and he's all "ohhhh noooo noooo, I want your milk!!! I've waited so long for it, I will enjoy every sip!" and I'm all like "you may buy my milk, Sir."

psh you're probably one of those losers that can't get a girl so you exaggerate online. pathetic really

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#8 go **** urself. After saying something like that, its the only action you'll get

all you guys bad mouthing 8 are just jealous what kind of guy wouldn't want multiple women the only problem is that it takes a very special guy to actually pull it off and not many of us possess the necessary qualities to do it

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aa haha! you sound so laaame!

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#26.. That sounds just as bad as what #8 said.... Possibly worse since its said with malice aforethought and careful planning while #8 is just an ignorant dumbfuck who stumbles through relationships like a bull in a china shop (not exactly, since bulls can actually get around quite well in a china shop according to mythbusters, but you get the idea....)

lmao so #8 is comparing women to a kit-kat? okay here: break them off like kit-kats, then, soon enough you run out of peices, that shit goes right to your thighs, now your an alone, fat ****** with nothing better to do than wish for another kit kat. because u were a greedy, obese asshole, u've ruined not only your life, but the lives of the others retarded enough to fall for you, have fun being alone for the majority of your life, because you spend more time being old than you do being young...

haha, i dated an asshole like you #8. and i hope someday you play a girl like me..with a big family, a big CRAZY family. i hope you play a girl like me with a brother crazy enough to go to jail for his baby sister who got hurt by some asshole guy.

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Please dude, don't flatter yourself. He's probably bluffing.

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Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that kit-kat bar

Bwaha like a kit Kat bar xD I think u were just kidding about this comment..

Not gonna lie... You walked right into that one.

That definitely sucks, but YDI for putting up with on-again off-again bullshit. He's either with you or he's not, and even if he is with you now, you knew damn well that he was with someone else during your off-again.